Why The Aggies SHOULDN'T Man Up And Create Their Own Network

Bohls is being absolutely self-serving and dishonest here. Really, Texas fans need to end this stuff. For the umpteenth time (and I am not even an Aggie fan or a Longhorn opponent):


1. A Texas A&M network would not generate $300 million.

2. A Texas A&M network would not be partnered with ESPN.

3. A Texas A&M network would not cause ESPN to take favorable editorial stances towards A&M whenever it is convenient (see A&M to the SEC for exhibit A ... ESPN has been roasting A&M, a clear contrast with their praising Colorado and Nebraska for leaving the Big 12 last year, and their advocacy of the Pac-16).

4. A Texas A&M network would not influence Texas recruits significantly (where the Texas Longhorn network will) and will not influence recruits nationally at all (where the Longhorn network will THANKS TO ESPN).

Add it all up, and the only beneficiary of A&M starting a network would be ... you guessed it ... TEXAS. Whenever anyone criticizes Texas over their network, $300 million contract, and their relationship with the very powerful ESPN, Texas will be able to simply reply "Why are you bashing us when the Aggies have their own network too!"

Basically, you guys want A&M to start their own network for YOUR benefit (knowing full well that A&M's network won't do squat for that program ... like Kansas State is going to start contending for national titles thanks to their Internet HD network that no one is going to watch for example) just like you want them to stay in the Big 12 for YOUR benefit. Here's a question: instead of demanding that A&M do things to benefit Texas, why not acknowledge that they have the responsibility to work to better themselves?

The way the Big 12 is structured, no one - including A&M - are ever going to consistently compete with UT or Oklahoma so long as those two programs are good. That's a good deal for UT and Oklahoma, who get to go to the BCS every year. (One or the other has been to the BCS in each of the last 10 years except 2001). It's also a good deal for the likes of Iowa State and Baylor, who would be in Conference USA otherwise. But if a program has options, why not let them exercise it? 

That is the main thing. You guys have no problem with doing whatever you want to advance yourselves, even up to joining the Pac-10 (which you nearly did twice) and the LHN (which is the ONLY reason why you didn't join the Pac-10). Fine. But why take the attitude that you guys are the ONLY ONES who should seek their own destiny and everyone else has to fall in line behind what you guys do? 

Going to the SEC might be good for A&M. Or it might be horrible for A&M. So what. That's their business, and they should be as free to pursue their business as you guys are. Look, were Auburn to attempt to bolt the SEC for the ACC (it wouldn't be a bad idea actually ... it would help them academically and they certainly would win more conference and possibly national titles from that league) Alabama would just roll their eyes and say "fine, do whatever you want, just make sure that you show up for your annual beating Thanksgiving weekend." Were Vanderbilt to go to the ACC or Mississippi State to the Big 12 (not that you would take them, just as an example): ditto. And the rivalries would continue, just like Georgia and Georgia Tech still played each other after Tech left the SEC, and like Clemson and South Carolina continued to play each other despite their switching conferences several times. 

It is not like the Big 12 needs A&M to begin with. Lose A&M and you are basically the same. Make a good decision in replacing A&M, and you could pick up TV and recruiting markets and get stronger.

Bottom line: please quit pretending as if you are looking out for A&M's interests by saying "stick around and start your own (absolutely certain to be totally irrelevant and complete waste of time) network and enjoy the great benefit of finishing no better than 3rd behind Texas and Oklahoma every year." You're not. You're looking out for your own interests. Not that there is anything wrong with that. My own problem is how you guys are trashing A&M for doing the same thing that you guys are: looking out for themselves.  

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