I, like many of you are very intrigued about realignment and the future of CFB. I really like the post by Hopkins Horn yesterday. This is something i wrote on Thursday Aug 25 at a different site but wanted to get other opinions on it. 



Boyz, we are a week away from COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! All we can hope is the off field crap shuts down and we can knock some heads again!!

But before we start breaking down film and figure out how much the 3rd string fullback bench presses, lets take a step back and take a broad look at the future of CFB. No, this email is not about programs in trouble(the U, Oregon, Tennessee, UNC, tOSU, Auburn, etc), it’s a poll about the future.

As Texas A&M changes it status from “Its complicated” to “Single,”(can’t say I came up with this line) let me get your feedback on the little domino that will begin the change for superconferences. The theory is that within the next 3-5 years there will be 4 16team superconferences.

Today, the day before the birthday of the Longhorn Network(LHN), A&M sent an official letter to the Big 12 stating, “we are looking at our options,” meaning we are outta here, just a matter of time. There are reports that A&M has wanted to go to the SEC ever since 1994 SWC days.

So what next for our Texas Longhorns?? Well there are many options and I want you to tell me which option you would choose for us in the future.  Per many reports, UT will replace A&M on Turkey day with ….. Notre Dame!!! At least until UT decides on its future. Also, there is a good chance that BYU will replace A&M in the Big 12 to keep the conference at 10 teams, for now. There are a lot of moving parts and uncertainties such as LHN, academics, the Texas State Legislature allowing Aggies to leave, our ties with our best ally at this point…..our bitter rivals the OU Sooners, etc.

Here are the most likely scenarios (in no particular order):

(by no means is this meant to be perfect):

A)Texas goes Independent and is free to schedule all over the country and keep their rivalries intact(Ou, OSU, Baylor, TT, Rice) while scheduling fun OOC(out of conference) matchups with ND, BYU, and 1 team from SEC, PAC, BIG10, etc.


B) PAC-16:

Coastal: California, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State, Southern Cal, UCLA, Washington, Washington State (the old Pac-8)

Continental: Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, (Texas Tech or BYU)



East:  Texas, Ou, Mizzou, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern

West: Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin
, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, Notre Dame (at this point ND will be forced to go in a conference).


D)An All Over America Conference:   Here’s a hypothetical pod structure

In this scenario, UT would play all 3 teams in its pod and 2 in each of the other pods and the 2 OOC games.

TX Pod: TX, Tech, Baylor, TCU

OU Pod: OU, Okie St, Kansas, Mizzou

ND Pod: ND, Navy, Pitt, Boston College

BYU Pod: BYU, Air Force, Boise State, San Diego State



Water: Boston College, Florida State, Connecticut, Maryland, Miami, Duke, UNC, (Syracuse or Pitt)

Land: Texas, Ou, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Wake Forest, NC State



Where do you want to see the Texas Longhorns play in the future?

Here is something to consider:

1)Academics matter! So being in a conference with schools like Duke, Stanford, Michigan, ND is important for the research dollars!!

2)Travel destinations! Do you want to travel to Bloomington/Minneapolis or Tempe/Boulder or Blacksburg/Atlanta or Lubbock/Waco? Do we want to play in the winter in big 10 country(but a conf with a lot of history)?

3)TV sets! (see map) This determines the TV $ teams will get, even with the LHN. Arizona, Cal , Utah, Colorado and Washington are increasing in population so more TV$ while the Big 10 seems to be decreasing based on the lack of jobs in that area. Fla, Georgia, Virgina, South Carolina and the southeast seems to be high too so the ACC would have tv sets also.

4)Rivalries! We will still have Ou in early October but we need more. Who will we play Turkey day? TT or Arizona or Iowa or Virginia or continue with ND or keep the Aggie game?

5) OOC games: we will have 7 games vs in conf (same division teams) and a)2 vs the other division 3 out of conference games or b)4 vs other division and 1 OOC game?

6) Im sure many others.


By the way, the biggest 2 teams opposing A&Ms entry into the SEC…………….......Baylor and Vanderbilt…….. WOW!!! Doubt it will be enough, it will happen at some point.

What scares me about A&M to the SEC, allowing the SEC West more access to the recruits in Texas. Yes they get 1-3 a year now, but they don’t play games in our state, they will in the future. If I were LSU, the 1st thing I would do is ask A&M to play annually at Reliant Stadium. Houston is the largest alumni for both schools!! This game would sell out faster than a Brittany concert in the late 90s!!

Texas should get most of the guys Texas gets but it will be a bit tougher. What A&M is really doing is potentially killing other instate programs like Baylor and TT and TCU. A&M doesn’t realize that grass is not always greener on the other side. Remember in the 50s through the 80s when Arkansas was perennially a top team? No, well I wasn’t around then either but there was a time when they were in the top 10 all the time, when the Big 8 and SWC existed. Then they went after the $ of the SEC and have won 0, none, zip SEC titles. A&M has never been a yearly top 10 team(they did have a great 90s though). When they go to the SEC, they will find life a bit more difficult than the former Big 12.


Remember to contact your cable provider and request LHN!!!




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