Horns in NFL Camp Updates

I love the "Horns in the NFL" section at TexasSports. I also might be a little addicted to watching how the Horns do in camp. So I thought I would start a running dialogue of how guys are doing in the NFL camps. I'll spend less time on the guys we're all aware of.

** I have watched many but not all of the games so if there is incorrect info in here please correct me**

Falcons: Justin Blaylock just re-signed. Looks to be a stalwart on the starting o-line.

Cards: Lyle Sendlein seems like he is emerging as the emotional if not physical leader of the o-line. Word on the street is that Sam Acho will be one of the starting OLBs by the end of the season. Looks good, high energy, moderately productive.

Ravens: Chykie Brown has been getting a lot of love from the coaching staff and fans, but I don't think he's played in the preseaon yet. He's been bugged by some mystery injuries. Still, I think a lock to make the team, probably the 4th CB at this point with a chance to move up. Corey Redding has given the Ravens some good interior push, but I have heard rumblings that he might be on the chopping block for various reasons (age, talent). Not sure I buy that since he looks like a starter for them, but who knows. It's a different NFL these days. Ricky Williams looks like he did in Miami. Flashes of good, strong running, OK blocking. Complete back, but behind a younger stud. The story of camp is Serio Kindle. They are really excited about him. He's probably the 5th or 6th LB at this point, but I hear he is a lock to make the team - the fact that he can play some end on rushing downs helps. He has had a VERY productive camp in limited time. I think it was against the Chiefs he had a fantastic game and was pretty much the only highlight in the second unit. They did score a TD against his unit but the back QB (Stanzi?) made a perfect dump off with Serg in his face and they were running exclusively away from his side. He also nearly blocked two punts in a row. He may indeed turn out to be special. I am rooting for him.

Bills: Aaron Williams had a spectacular red zone interception against the Bears - knocked it out of the WRs hands and then grabbed it. Highlight reel play if it weren't the bills late action. Looks to be with the second unit now but will probably be the nickel early in the season.

Panthers: No info on Greg Smith and don't expect to have any. If they keep 3 TEs I would be shocked. However, if the team become less enthused about Shockey they might keep Smith as a blocking TE behind Olsen.

Bears: Melton moving inside to DT has been discussed elsewhere, but he looks fantastic. Good push and athletic once he gats through the OL. Made some great plays in the preseason. Roy Williams has to work his way out of the doghouse. Looks like he is on the way to doing that after last night's performance. He and Johnny Knox will battle down the stretch. Offensively, this team has ZERO leadership.

Bengals: Benson looks primed to have another solid season. The West Coast offense agrees with him. Quan Cosby is a good bet to hang on the team for his KR/PR abilities. They ave not run anyone else out there with the starting group, so I think he's good. Shipley is Shipley - gets a lot of five hard dump offs and gets pummelled. Muck is out for the season with a blown ACL or something. Anyway, they liked him but he is done until 2012. Good luck Muck. Was not "waived/injured," so there's hope they might keep him on. Bo Scaife is done for the season with a shoulder problem. Sorry dude.

Browns: Colt looks good. Might be worth waiting on your backup QB until the last round and taking Colt. Dawson holding on to the kicker job. Richmond McGee doing well as the punter.

Lions: Vasher currently running with the second group. They like him as a person, he could have gone a few places. He may end up in Carolina because they are but awful. He has struggled a bit in what I have seen.

Packers: JMike looks like he is back to his early season 2010 form. Going way too early in my fantasy drafts, even if he has a great TE season.

Texans: Studdard is a starting OG, I think, but has gotten a little nicked up. Ogbannaya has looked very solid filling in for virtually all of the other RBs who have been injured. I think he is 50/50 to make the team. Really the Texas just need to cut Ward and go with Foster, Tate (high upside) and Ogbannaya (good all around). Slayton is done there, IMO. Foster's injury might give everyone another couple of weeks to get paid. I am sure some of you know the Texans better than I. If I were CO, I would go in and tell the coaches he will learn some FB, where the Texans could lose a guy.

Chiefs: JC was the better half of the leagues best rushing attack last year. We'll see if he can repeat with an aging Jones and a McCluster that hasn't really fufilled his promise. DJ looks like he has put it all together. He owned Sam Bradford with a spectacular pick at the Rams 10 and a sack on the next drive.

Vikes: Don't know much except Ced Griffin is back and looked good in limited action. Wish him the best. Loeffller and Robison are expected to be solid contributors.

Pats: Hix is on IR. My guess is they are stashing him on IR until they need to make a decision. He might be a good practice squad guy. I don't see him making the team as a rookie.

Saints: David Thomas is the starting TE, if in name only. Shaun Rogers was brought in with big expectations, and my impression is that he has improved their DT push. John Chiles is still with the team, but has posted no stats. Practice squad at best, I think.

Giants: Aaron Ross is the starter again thanks to an injury to Terrell Thomas, who took over for Ross when ijured. Hoping he can pull it all together this season.

Jets: I don't know a thing about Eddie Jones. My uess is he is a longshot, possible practice squad guy but who knows.

Raiders: Houston and Huff are looking good. Huff resigned, seems to be in much better graces with the current staff. Playing free safety and rolling to nickel as was the original plan.

Eagles: VY is the backup. Rumors of falling to third string are total BS. Looked very good in the preseason, although they want him to pick up the offense more quickly.

Steelers: Hampton is Hampton - stud. John Scott is a startgin tackle. Tony Hills Jr is a very popular guy, who might end up at starting tackle opposite Scott. Steelers line having the same problems as the current Horns - some good talent but questions as to where they should be placed. Limas Sweed is done there "waived/injured" so at least he gats paid for the season. Been dealing with some personal/injury issues since he's been there. Not sure if he will try to catch on elsewhere but my guess is no. Curtis Brown is likely to be in the nickel package by mid-season. Right now I think he's the 4th CB, but they love him.

Chargers: Jammer is Jammer. Huey has signed but I have no idea how he's doing.

49ers: As far as I can tell Tarrell Brown is still in the plans. Active in the preseason.

Tampa Bay: Roy Miller is a starter at DT but may fall back a bit. Tim Crowder is looking good. Frank Okam exists, not sure he will hang on. Med school?

Titans: Hall and Griffin are studs for them. I am not sure if Simms is coming back or not, but I think not. No idea about Kirkendoll - don't see any stats recorded.

Redskins: Orakpo is the star of the defense. Should be in the pro bowl for many years to come.          

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