Things that excite me about the 2011 Longhorn football team

Several things excite me about the upcoming season.  Although we know very little about this team because we have new coordinators, closed practices and many very young players, I remain optimistic.  I remain optimistic because I wear burnt orange colored lenses.  But however the season turns out after we play, I must say there are things to be excited about.

We have a couple of the best Defensive Ends in the country.  Experience on one side and youth on the other Okafor and Jeffcoat will be stars this year.  Strong players with good depth. Reed, Wilson and Whaley are all likely to contribute.  Should be fun to watch.  It is not unusual that this is a position of strength and this year is no different.  Inside we have a very strong tackle in Randall and a young Howell who is reported to have developed under are new line coach and new strength coach.  I am looking forward to seeing Howell play.

Our linebackers have senior leadership in Acho and Robinson.  We also will have Jordan Hicks playing who although young has experience.  In addition we get to see the young guys on the field.  I can't wait to see Benson and Cobbs.  I hope they live up to the expectations I had for them when they were recruited.

Our defensive backs are young but we have Gideon back there with the senior leadership and Vaccaro who has been waiting his turn to start.  These two are surrounded by youth but they all are working under the best DB coach.  Glad we managed to keep Akina.  He has managed to play freshman before with great success.

On the offensive side we start with GD is gone.

I am glad that Fozzy is healthy but I am really looking forward to seeing our B&B combo.  Big and Bruising will take over before long.  Sounds like Bergeron will surprise us all.  

Our O-line has a new coach.  I am excited that Tray Allen is healthy and showing some leadership out there with the young guys.  They have the potential if they are coached well and if they have the right offensive calls.  Did I mention that GD is gone?  I am hopeful and excited to see this group grow up and grow into a solid unit this year.  I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled that Irby will be taking the field.  Enough said.

As for QB.  I am excited to learn many believe that GG has a short leash.  I am surprised that Ash did not surpass McCoy in the scrimmages.  But I saw only highlights and so have only my own speculations on these two.  But one or the other will likely finish the season as the starter.  That also excites me about the future of this Longhorn team.

We have a lot of youth on the field and on the sidelines.  It is a new year and a new team coached by young guys who have fire in their bellies.  I am excited for the season to start.

Hookem Horns 

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