Offensive MVP's

Just finished re-watching last night's game, and thought that I would post some things that I saw that looked really positive. The defense struggled on the edges and in coverage in the first half, but they really were lights out in the second. Just exceptional. On the offensive side of the ball, a few guys really stood out as the people who made it happen.

  1. The Case McCoy - Jaxon Shipley connection
  2. Malcolm Brown
  3. D.J. Monroe

I hate to jump on the McCoy-Shipley resurrection bandwagon, but when I saw the replays on T.V. I couldn't help but be impressed by not only Shipley's athleticism, but also McCoy's accuracy. McCoy went to Shipley on two key third down conversions, threw to him in traffic, and amazingly both connected. Sound familiar? Shipley made some amazing plays to catch those throws, as well as throwing a key third down pass himself, but when I was watching the game in the stadium I don't think I appreciated the touch that McCoy used. Both key passes were put where Shipley had to make a play on them, but also where only Shipley could make the play on them. Good sense of timing under pressure there for McCoy.


Malcolm Brown is really special. He's got some lateral movement that he can use at speed to bust tackles and find the gap. I haven't seen anything like it at Texas. I never saw Ricky play, but watching Malcolm makes me think I'm starting to see what we've been missing in an elite running back. I know people want to "start" him, but I honestly think that the staff is using Fozzy to break in and read the defense before setting Brown lose, as well as keeping Brown fresh all game. As far as I'm concerned, Brown is our starting RB, even if he's not getting the first snap.


D.J. Monroe was dangerous on the edge all game. He's added some bulk this season and looks like he's playing with real fire. Every time he got the ball, you felt like he was about to take it to the house. Averaging 13.3 yards per carry over 3 carries, this guy has to be accounted for by the defense and will open up plays for everyone else. You can't help but be excited when this guy gets the ball in space, he looks the part of a natural playmaker, just like everyone else on my list.


If we're building an offense brick by brick, it looks to me like these three bricks may already be in place.

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