Texas Football 2011: Mack Brown Monday Press Conference Preview - Week 2

Mack Brown coaches up his Texas Longhorns against BYU in which the Longhorns came away with a one point victory 17-16. (courtesy of Texas Sports photo gallery).

Mack Brown will meet the press this morning at 11:00 a.m. local time. As with all of his pressers, you can watch the streaming action live on TexasSports.TV.

Well, nothing like a BIG W in your pocket as you're getting ready to meet the press. How big was the BYU win on Saturday? Several have said it is arguably a top-5 in Coach Brown's tenure at Texas. Recency bias is a strange bridesmaid, however. There are some pretty big wins that compete with Saturday's. I'll just say that the biggest win is always the next one and leave it at that.

We saw Coach Brown continue his business like demeanor last week and I expect him to be more on point this week. Look, we are talking about playing A LOT of first year college students who not only have to get a little ahead on class assignments, but prepare for a Pac-12 opponent in a shortened week 1,500 miles away and lose a couple of hours to boot. This is big-time college football pressure and the coaches will have to bring their A game this week in keeping everybody steady.

Speaking of UCLA, I'm sure Coach Brown circled the game on his calendar last December. And I'm pretty sure that he instructed his staff to begin working the game plan several months ago. I believe this game is personal for him. It will certainly be interesting to listen to his commentary today and watch his body language next Saturday given he has not notched a win against the Bruins.

Who is your nominee for Bevo Beast (Best Offensive Lineman) and Big Hat awards this week? Put me down for Walters / Hopkins for the lineman award and Jordan Hicks on the Big Hat (or maybe one of the defensive back youngsters).

Highlights to ponder as you get ready for the presser thread.

  • UCLA Bruins are a better team than they have shown. It will be a big test on the road. They have really tall receivers that will be difficult for us to defend on fade and jump balls.
  • Turnover battle still a hindrance.
  • The "no quit" meme in the players and staff will be a big part of today's show.
  • Love that the downhill running game was again evident this week.
  • Coach Diaz is dialing up a very special kind of defensive squad.
  • The proverbial conference realignment question given the OU movement over the weekend.

Join us here for live presser interaction.


Hook ‘em.

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