Horns in the NFL: Preseason Cuts Edition

Folks seemed to enjoy the Horns in the NFL Preseason edition, so I am doing it again this week. This week I am not going to cover game performances much since in most cases the last preseason week was garbage time rather than position battles. But there were a few highlights.

A lot of suprises on the waiver wire.

49ers: Tarrell Brown appears to have won the starting corneback slot. It's unbelievable how talented our DBs have been over the last few years.

Panthers: Not surprisingly, cut Greg Smith. Surprisingly, signed Greg Smith to the practice squad. Congrats Greg!

Texans: Placed G Kasey Studdard on the IR. Good luck in rehab, Kasey. Very surprisingly, waived Chris Ogbannaya. Surprisingly, he cleared waivers (Detroit, helloooo?) and was re-signed to the practice squad. I suppose his clearing waivers was an issue of professional courtesy that teams generally don't pick up a teams cuts unless it is a dire need... which brings us to

Bengals: Extremely surprisingly, cut PR/KR Quan Cosby. Cosby was a model citizen and the paradigm of reliability at a high risk position. Yes, most of his returns went from zero to 15 yards, but my guess is that if you asked coaches around the league for a logical choice, they would pick that over a TD/turnover tradeoff. This is no BS: Quan had ZERO fumbles last season. Anyway, the Bengals signed Brandon Tate, who was cut from a team that is willing to take other teams castoff WRs... so go figure. Quan may be destined for the CFL. Muck on IR for the season I think. Not sure about Bo Scaife but they cut Chase Coffman so I am guessing they think he won't need to go on the IR for the season. Good luck in rehab, Bo.

Lions: Another surprise, the Lions cut Nathan Vasher. He hasn't looked great in a couple of season, but Detroit didn't look good either. I don't know if he will hook up with anyone else but my guess is he will either get picked up by Carolina who needs DBs like I need money or wait around a bit until he gets a call up from a real team to provide injury depth.

Cardinals: No surprises. Sam Acho will be a backup LB. Look for him to play significantly on special teams and increase his role in the defense throughout the season.

Ravens: Good news. Cory Redding was rumored to be a salary cap casualty. Turned out to be a false rumor. In fact, he is a starting DT. Congrats Cory. Sergio Kindle was also rumored to be a possible victim of a numbers game at LB. Also not true, it looks like they are excited about his future there and plan to use him in special rush situations and (my guess) special teams. Sort of a surprise is Chykie Brown, who hadn't made a lot of noise until the last game, when he did this:

Nice, Chykie. Aggie Danny Gorrer cut and signed to the practice squad as a victim of the Chykie.

Jets: Eddie Jones just outright cut. Good luck Eddie.

Bills: I read that Aaron Williams will get a shot at the nickel. Not sure if that's true until the Bills force someone into an actual passing situation.

Saints: For some reason Shaun Rogers did not start tonight unless I missed him. Anyway, GB running all over them, Shaun comes in and shuts them down. Saints need to score smoe points. DThomas looking good as the starting H-back and on special teams and as I write that he has a ball sail right past him. Booo...

Giants: Aaron Ross is the de facto starting RCB.

Steelers: Tony Hills very surprisingly cut. I know they loved his athleticism but I guess they just didn't have room on the roster. Good luck Tony. I actually think he will hook on somewhere else as an injury signing.

Titans: Not surprisingly, James Kirkendoll was cut. Surprisingly, resigned to the practice squad. Congrats James! Casualty: Justin Gage - it's been a run, Justin. Ahmard Hall suspended for 4 games because of a positive test for a stimulant. My guess is an OTC supplement probably had some ephedrine. Or he's Breaking Bad.

Bucs: Okam, and Crowder logging some good backup minutes. Big Roy Miller is a starting DT.

Everyone else is who we thought there were.  





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