Is Mario Edwards Favoring Texas?

[Update]: Edwards confirmed to Noles247 that Texas is his leader ($) right now because he hasn't had a chance to take his other official visits, which makes it sound like his list could well be in flux during the next two weeks. -- GoBR

Five-star defensive end Mario Edwards has already been setting the interwebs afire after only a couple days down in Orlando for the Under Armour game. On Saturday, Edwards blasted the Oklahoma Sooners, saying that he didn't like the "vibe" in Norman and heard negative things about the program from current players. On Sunday, Edwards made some fairly conflicting statements to different media outlets about the current state of his recruitment.

For Texas fans, the revelatory statement from the big defensive end was made to Inside Texas ($) when he flat-out called Texas his "number one." When he noted that Florida State and LSU are both in the mix, he also acknowledged that Oklahoma is no longer under consideration.

But in an interview with 247's Gerry Hamilton ($), Edwards was less emphatic about Texas, saying only that the Longhorns and Seminoles are both in the mix.

Then, when he spoke with Orangebloods, Edwards said that Florida State still has a slight edge ($) because he's still committed to the Seminoles.

Got all that?

If there was some consistency to what Edwards had to say, it's that the next two visits could well have a major impact on his eventual decision, as he will make the journey to Tallahassee on the 14th and to Baton Rouge the following week.

Even though the Longhorns won't have the last say, it seems clear from recent statements that the visit to Texas for banquet weekend made a huge impact on Edwards and helped vault the Longhorns well up his list.

Here's what Edwards told Hamilton about his visit to Austin:

I never really just gave Texas an opportunity. I figured because it's Texas, and the Longhorns, and Austin that it would be a country town, but it's not. It's the Capital. There's a lot of things going on down there that are just really fun.

Getting a look at how Manny Diaz would use him in the Longhorn defense also seemed to make an impact, as well, as the 6-3, 290-pound Edwards could be used in a variety of ways up and down the line of scrimmage by the creative Diaz, who had a chance to show Edwards and his father film from the season about how Edwards would be used.

If the Longhorns don't actually lead, it's clear that the December visit had a huge impact on Edwards and his recruitment and that Texas is very much in the mix at this point with about a month to go.

Edwards is expected to make a decision on National Signing Day.

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