2012 best class under Mack?

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on this idea. In my opinion, this may be the best class under Mack so far. Not by much though. My thoughts are as follows:

One, we filled a lot of need positions this year with excellent evaluations. Solid class spread out over position needs except TE.

QB: Brewer was picked by Harsin for a reason. He fits the system well. Yes, he will benefit from a redshirt but his upside is good. Seems like Kellen Moore with better tools to work with. Overstreet is a safe take in case and will likely move to LB I think.

WR: Jones and Johnson are good gets. Jones has great hands and a willingness to go get the ball. Add some strength and blocking technique, and he could have a bright future. Johnson is a dark horse. I really like his speed and ability to get open.

OL: Estelle and Riser have a lot of upside. Both likely need a 'shirt but each has great potential and were recruited to play their natural positions. Hawkins will be very on it. Fits nicely into OT allowing our OL to fill out in their natural positions. Hughes will be good for depth. Needs some time to develop.

RB: No Brainer

TE: Not much action here. Bluiett could have an impact here though. Really need to land RSJ in 2013.

DB: I'm putting Sanders here because I think this is where he ends up. Great versatility however and will help out immediately. Same goes for Daje. I think he ends up here as well. Honestly, he can play either side and be great. Major luxury take IMO! Echols is a good take with little downside. Good for depth at the very least but a lot of potential as well.

LB: All I have to say is Santos. Natural fit for MLB with the ability to step in if Edmond gains and spins down. The kid can play with the UA domination. Cole should add some weight and will likely see action some 2013 or so at Sam. Jinkens is an interesting prospect. Great speed and willing to punish someone. I see him ending up at WLB but we will see.

DE: Good to land Cottrell. Nice prospect for WDE especially if he can pack on muscle and polish his technique. Ridgeway will be a good SDE. I really like his potential as well. Glad we added some depth here.

DT: MB2...need I say more? This kid will be special. Easily cracks the 2 deep this season. He is likely done in 3 years. Norman is a good take. Good speed with the capacity to pack on some muscle. Give him a good redshirt and he will be a solid DT for us.


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