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The basketball team didn't fare too well against Iowa State. [AAS]

Did you know...The Big 12 is a basketball conference. [AAS]

"The Big 12 has been at or near the top, RPI-wise, for the last four years,'' Baylor coach Scott Drew said. "With the 10 teams that are left, it's tightened up even more.''

"This may be the best the league has ever been, top to bottom,'' Kansas' Bill Self said.

"We will be a much better team two years from now than we will be next year, because we will have a senior team for the first time in two or three years," Texas coach Mack Brown said. [ESPN]

The Texas recruits are having a blast at the Under Armour All-America game. [ESPN]

There's nothing like team chemistry. That's certainly the case for the black team -- officially Team Highlight -- in the Under Armour All-America Game, as 10 future Texas Longhorns fill the roster.

"We are like a family already," said defensive tackle Malcom Brown (Brenham, Texas/Brenham). "I am real close with all the guys and getting closer every day. This is great for us."

They are already talking about the 2012 season. [Athlon Sports]

There’s been much speculation about coach Mack Brown’s future in Austin, but all indications point to his return on the sidelines in Austin for 2012. And there’s a lot of reasons for Texas to be optimistic next season. The Longhorns made a two-win improvement from 2010 this season and a similar jump isn’t out of the question. Coordinator Bryan Harsin was brought in from Boise to jumpstart the offense, but the Longhorns finished eighth in the Big 12 in scoring. Quarterback play was an issue all year, but Case McCoy and David Ash should be better with another offseason to work with the offense. However, Texas would probably be better off by settling on one quarterback and developing the scheme around him. Expect the Longhorns to focus on the run next season, especially with four starters coming back on the offensive line, along with running backs Malcolm Brown and Joe Bergeron. The backfield will also get a boost with incoming freshman Jonathan Gray – ranked as the No. 7 prospect in the Athlon Consensus 100. The defense loses tackle Kheeston Randall and linebackers Keenan Robinson and Emmanuel Acho, but should remain one of the best units in the Big 12. There’s a lot of pressure on Mack Brown to win next season and the pieces are in place to expect nine wins.


It was a great win for the Pokes. [NewsOK]

"I want to dedicate this win to the four victims of the plane crash. It meant so much to the Oklahoma State people and to our team and for their families. The players wanted to do it."

Kansas State plays Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl this Friday. [Ft.Worth Star-Telegram]

For HopkinsHorn...This is why Jerry Jones should not be allowed to own a Texas team. [Topeka Capital-Journal]

Arkansas considers Dallas a second home, in part because Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is prominent Razorback alum. The school has several thousand alumni in the Dallas area, and the Razorbacks didn’t even bother to charter a flight for the 5-hour, 40-minute drive from Fayetteville.

"We claim this, with Jerry Jones, as our home stadium," coach Bobby Petrino said.

Going to a bowl game just got less expensive for a Big 12 school. [Business of College Sports]

The information provided by Lewis shines a new light on bowl finances. Last year, after hearing that UConn was required to purchase 17,500 tickets and was only able to sell around 5,000 of those tickets, many were quick to cry foul. However, after learning that the Big 12 conference has provided Oklahoma State with a significant amount of money for travel expenses and that the Big 12 Conference will likely incur the cost of unsold tickets, the burden of participating in bowl games on athletic departments appears to be less harsh than commonly reported.

Things are not going well in Lubbock. [Double T Nation]

I didn't create this situation. Tuberville did. He's the one that has gone through two defensive coordinators in two years, which is almost unheard of. I was willing to give Tuberville a pass after hiring and then firing James Willis due to the fact that the actual cause of termination may have had something to do with alleged spousal abuse and I had a hard time faulting Tuberville for knowing whether or not a person has a history of that sort of thing. But the Glasgow situation is completely different. Tuberville has to start taking some of the blame here. I'd love to be writing about how I should be patient, but Tuberville isn't being very patient, so I can't imagine why I should implore fans or anyone else to have that very same trait.

It must have been that terrible tackling. [Dallas Morning News]

Our defensive philosophy is not going to change," Tuberville said. "Players win games and we've got to get bigger defensive linemen and we've got to get more players and more depth to play that can play in open space. We were terrible tacklers last year, and we got better as the year went on but you've got to be able to have more than seven or eight guys. You've got to sub and have depth... We're not that far away, but sometimes it looks like you're far away when you're not playing as well as you need to play.

The Sooners are getting restless. [ESPN]

Head coach Bob Stoops said before the season it was "about time" Oklahoma won another national championship.

Stoops doesn't regret saying that then. And he feels the same will be true next season, too.

"It was about time," Stoops said. "That's what everyone's thinking. And they're restless. And it will be next year, too. I can say it next year -- that it's about time."

Weis watch...New Kansas head coach Charlie Weis is getting his staff in order. [Washington Post]

Jayhawks are expecting big things from their football program. []

Just three weeks into the Charlie Weis era, Kansas Athletics has sold out of a season ticket package, the new $99 Coach’s Corner. Due to increased demand and popularity, Kansas Athletics will expand the Coach’s Corner sections for a limited time only.

West Virginia's Dana Holgorsen = Friday Night Lights Tim Riggins. [Huffington Post]

West Virginia's coach Dana Holgorsen has a sort of Tim Riggins "I'm Really Talented But Have Some Crazy Inner Demons" vibe about him. In May, Holgorsen, then the school's offensive coordinator, was escorted out of a casino at 3 AM on a Wednesday for "refusing to co-operate with casino management." Only days later, a local newspaper in West Virginia printed a story on Holgorsen that highlighted six separate alcohol-related incidents that he had allegedly be involved in. But that isn't even the most Riggins-esque part--Only about two weeks after that he was named the head coach of the team. Who else but Tim Riggins would be able to get away with that much shenanigans, and still be deemed talented enough to not get kicked off the team altogether?

Has anyone told the Big East? Everyone has the Mountaineers on the schedule next year. [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

TCU will play nine Big 12 games, four at home and five on the road, including at West Virginia, which plans to move from the Big East. The Big East is fighting the move."We've been told they are going to be in the league," Del Conte said.

Great. You may not get the LHN, but you will get Land Thief programming. [Sports Business Daily]

Can't fill all those programming hours on FOX? It doesn't take much to entertain a Sooner. [NewsOK]

It won’t be one channel solely dedicated to OU, but Fox Sports would carry 1,000 hours of Sooner programming a year. Discounting the summer, that’s 111 hours a month, which is 27-28 hours a week. Basically four hours a day, on average.


What's worse? The city or the song?

What are the worst locations for a bowl game? [Lost Lettermen]

There's hope! [Wall Street Journal]

At IMG’s Intercollegiate Athletics Forum last month, Conference USA commissioner Britton Banowsky spoke out against automatic-qualifying bids, saying they’ve become a "negative driver," and Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany said he’d be fine if they were eliminated. Also, two Pac-12 Conference athletic directors said the plus-one model is bound to eventually happen. Washington’s Scott Woodward said he supports it, and it was called inevitable by Stanford athletic director Bob Bowlsby, whose Cardinal might have been part of such a playoff both this season and last had it existed.

A college football player's take on the bowl experience. [ESPN]

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley is a great guy. [Go Vols]

Here is your CF fashion hit for the day. [USA Today]

He's baaaaacccckkkkk. [LA Times]

Some college football fans think the whole BCS system — which culminates Jan. 9 when No. 1 LSU takes on No. 2 Alabama — is unfair and unworkable. A Texas congressman wants to make it unlawful.

Well, technically, Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) wants a playoff system for determining a national football champion. He has once again introduced legislation to compel college football to do so.

His "College Football Playoff Act" would "prohibit, as an unfair and deceptive act or practice, the promotion, marketing, and advertising of any post-season NCAA Division I football game as a national championship game unless such game is the culmination of a fair and equitable playoff system."

It is an SEC world. [USA Today]

The PAC 12 and the Big Ten are changing college football. [Forbes]

There will be no lead story on ESPN or in major newspapers or a Tebow-esque fascination about the Pac 12-Big Ten collaboration.

What collaboration you ask? There was an underpublicized agreement in the twilight of 2011 to enhance long-term scheduling of games across all sports among all 24 institutions within those two conferences.

A Big 12 crew will officiate the title game between LSU and Alabama. []

Utah still plans to sue the BCS. [Salt Lake Tribune]

Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says he expects to sue the Bowl Championship Series by next month and that the snub of Boise State in this season’s bowl games gives additional fodder to the impending lawsuit.

"I think we got some really good, new facts this season to support our case," Shurtleff told The Tribune in a recent interview. "The big example again is Boise State. They had one loss and finished in the Top 10, and yet they don’t get a [BCS] bowl game."

College football might as well go to China. Or Greece. Or any other place. [CBS Sports]

Scott found out there is a tremendous admiration for the Southern California lifestyle in the Pacific Rim. No one is saying it aloud but a shot at the national championship is perhaps becoming less critical than a shot at the European, Chinese or Greek markets. It's about spreading the brand, not necessarily raising another flag.

"It's about taking ordinary events and making them extraordinary," said Delany, whose Big Ten Network already reached Europe and the Middle East.

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