Daily Round Up: Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

Mack Brown isn't leaving. [ESPN]

Boosters continue to back Brown. [Washington Post]

He is just not the retiring type. [LA Times]

Brown believes this team can win 10 games. [CBS Sports]

Cue the Will Muschamp talk in 3, 2, 1.... [Orlando Sentinel]

Texas is still working on that run defense. [AAS]

Is this defense as bad as it gets? [Inside Texas]

David Ash is ready for Baylor. [Houston Chronicle]

Horns Nation has a great story on punter Alex King. [ESPN]

Around the Big 12

Be very, very afraid of Tommy Tuberville. [ESPN]

Dana Holgorsen was not happy with the Mountaineers effort on Saturday. [West Virginia Illustrated]

Geno Smith is a creative QB. [Yahoo Sports]

Two words are synonymous with the saddest day in the history of the Poke football program. [Tulsa World]

Bob Stoops didn't have enough game balls to hand out after the Sooners win over Texas. [NewsOK]

The Bear fans are starting to panic. [Baylor Lariat]

The Wildcats head to West Virginia this weekend. [News and Sentinel]

Is there defense in the Big 12? [Fox Sports]

Open Range

The NCAA is the 1%. [USA Today]

Although audited figures for its recently concluded 2012 fiscal year are pending, a USA TODAY Sports analysis has found, the NCAA now likely has more than $500 million in net assets. Among its unrestricted assets is an endowment fund of more than $260 million, more than double where it stood six years ago.

BCS style negative campaigning. [Yahoo Sports]

Kansas State (4): Ad opens with video of generic, cheering fans. Voice-over: "These are college football fans." Cut to video of listless, unenthusiastic fans. "These are college football fans watching Kansas State." Cut to grainy, black-and-white video of Bill Snyder on the sidelines, then slow-motion shot of tumbleweeds rolling along the prairie. "The Wildcats take after their 72-year-old coach, who is every bit as boring as the topography around Manhattan, Kansas." Cut to video of LSU’s ineptitude in the 2011 BCS Championship Game, then a video of quarterback Collin Klein overthrowing a receiver. "Wasn’t last year’s title game boring enough? Do we really want more of the same? Working-class Americans pay too much for cable and satellite TV to see Kansas State play for the national title. Take a stand and say no to the Wildcats."

Paid for by Knights of Columbus GridPAC, Rudy Ruettiger treasurer.

Former Alabama players are extremely attached to their national title stuff. [Dr. Saturday]

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