Daily Roundup: Bears sure are cute

"We're not just going to lay down," guard Mason Walters said. "Whatever gets thrown at us, we can handle it." [Houston Chronicle]

"They can bust you at any time," Okafor said. "If we don't come out ready to play, they will put 50 or 60 on us." [Ft. Worth Star-Telegram]

Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/10/19/4349187/longhorns-look-for-quick-to-stop.html#storylink=cpy

There is a lot on the line. [AAS]

This game could be the most important game this season. [Dallas Morning News]

Bad pun coming...UT needs to bear down this week. [San Antonio Express-News]

Plan on a lot of running today. [Dallas Morning News]

However, the Baylor defense may be just what the doctor ordered for Ash and the Longhorns. The Bears’ defense has been synonymous for being ripped apart by opposing quarterbacks, but UT may need to turn to the run game with the status of Ash’s wrist. And that shouldn’t be a problem for the Longhorns.

What is facing the Horns today? [AAS]

Texas can't stop Baylor? [Dallas Morning News]

UT just needs a new attitude. [KSAT]

More on the topic we don't want to talk about. [ESPN Big 12 Blog]

There's a cancer growing... [Dallas Morning News]

If Brown goes, no worries. [Dallas Morning News]

OK, if we hypothetically assume that things deteriorate to the point where Brown exits, expect Texas to make a play for some really big names -- because well, its Texas and money is no object. Think Saban and Meyer and Muschamp. But all are in great situations with resources to compete for national championships. The next group might include people like Chris Petersen and Gary Patterson, who each like their situations too. Want dark horses? Think Les Miles, Dan Mullen and maybe even Pete Carroll. Just remember, right now it looks like Mack Brown is going nowhere.

Aggies being Aggies. Again. [Dallas Morning News]

Is Big Tex's combustion an omen? [NBC Sports]

Exactly what caused the fire isn’t known yet. You could say that when you’re surrounded by that many deep fryers, a grease fire is bound to happen sooner or later. Me? I don’t deal in the logical or explainable. Clearly the untimely demise of Big Tex is an omen that Brown’s days at Texas are coming to an end.

Or, maybe we should stop eating so much deep fried butter, America.

And finally...

Condolences to the family and friends of Slater Martin. [Dallas Morning News]

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