Texas Football Recruiting 2013: What's Up At Wide Receiver?

Wescott Eberts

The Longhorns dumped their top target at the wide receiver position by deciding to stop Ricky Seals-Jones. Ostensibly, one of the reasons was to pursue other prospects. Problem is, Texas hasn't had any success there.

What's going on with recruiting at the wide receiver position in 2013? Are the Longhorns really that interested in adding another player there, with Jake Oliver and Jacorey Warrick already committed?

The answer to the first question is not really positive things. To the second, the answer may be not really.

After moving on from Sealy athlete Ricky Seals-Jones, Texas had a handful of targets on the board -- Arizona product Devon Allen, Jake Raulerson's friend Torii Hunter, Jr., and Baylor commit Robbie Rhodes.

A couple days ago, Allen dropped the Longhorns from consideration in favor of his three favorites (Arizona State, UCLA, and Stanford, canceling his trip to Austin for the West Virginia game in the process. Days before that, THJr committed to Notre Dame.

As for Rhodes, the story is a little better, as he said he hasn't completely made up his mind about having interest in Texas, but did say that he's not really currently interested in the Longhorns. It would probably take Art Briles leaving to make a difference there, although Darell Wyatt will likely continue his pursuit until Signing Day after the recent phone conversation between the two.

There's also the recent interest in Illinois star Laquon Treadwell, who has reciprocated, but doesn't yet have an offer or plans to visit Austin, with competition for his last couple official visits heating up. At this point, there aren't any other particularly legitimate options on the table, so is the lack of offer for Treadwell simply Texas getting know him and resting on old-school protocol? Or is it the lack of a compelling need to add another receiver unless there's attrition, which could well happen with John Harris riding the bench?

If Texas really wants to pursue Treadwell, the time is now before he schedules his last official visits and the odds of getting him to Austin decrease substantially. Not to say that the odds are high at the current rate.

Attrition after the season would leave little recovery time, even for in-state prospects more likely to flip their commitment given even a modicum of attention, like Marcus Johnson and, to a slightly lesser extend, Kendall Sanders in the 2012 class.

So, what's it gonna be, Mack Brown?

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