Ash fan boys now worse than Case fanboys

I just read the most outrageous thing ever on this site. "Ash is obviously the future". Mr. Wescott, I use to look at your writing as being more of that of a writer. You and most regulars on this site have become fanboys in every sense of the word. Ash started the season with 11 td's and 1 pick. No Ash fanboy ever mentions they all have crappy defenses-Wyoming, Ole Miss, NM State, OK St, and that is it. Here is what has happened since. Big 12 reality.

W Virginia- plays excellent, throws 1td, 0 picks. Misses the snap at the end of the drive where we could have tied it with a field goal or won with a touchdown. But let's give him this one.

OU- If everyone is going to bash Mack and say he is only good when he has a "transcendent leader" then what does that tell you about OU? oh and 2 picks, 0 td's

OU- When Ash got "hurt" or pulled near the end HE WAS PLAYING SECOND AND THIRD STRINGERS AND HAD BEEN FOR SEVERAL SERIES. Case comes in an immediately puts touchdowns on the board against the exact same level.

Baylor- Not impressed, not going to knock him too much here but his numbers were average compared to what every other QB not named Klein (who is/was playing hurt last few weeks, they're not going to broadcast it verbally, it is on tv for everyone who actually knows football to see. Why else is he hardly running?

Kansas- 6 for 12, 0td, 2 picks AND lost the game for us. Oh wait never mind, we were down 14-7 going into the 4 quarter so he got yanked and Case saved everyone's ass, as well as our shot at Big 12 game.

Played great against Tech but it is not the best we have ever seen

Played flawless at Iowa State

7/13, 2 picks, 1 fumble and left with a 20-6 deficit against TCU. McCoy comes in and puts our only touchdown on the board and if he didn't have to make too much happen in almost no time he probably doesn't throw a pick.

Ash's stats since WVirginia= 3 td' and 6 picks with a completion percentage in low 60's

I could care less who starts. I do know stats and the only game I've seen McCoy play bad is Baylor of last year. We may have missed out on much more development than Ash has shown. 15td's/7 ints after 4td/8picks compared to Case who had 7td/4 picks in his first year in Harsin's offense. Double Case's numbers from last year and they are close to Ash's this year in td/int ratio. That's not good enough, it means we don't know Ash is the franchise, and as much as Case rumored to not want to go back in against OU over a year ago makes you guys dislike Case, I dislike Ash for being like "whatever, its cool" as the announcers mentioned he said during the game about his getting yanked at Kansas.

I like my qb's with fire. When I played if I was waiting a play to come in from the sidelines and noticed my huddle was not already huddled a few feet away I'd walk over and say "Get in the f^%ing huddle". But we were all friends and they knew it was my job to lead. Players want to be lead by a guy with heart and a guy who never ever gets rattled. Very rarely do you need to drill it far on the out to make our team great with all of our talent. Case's arm is not much different than Colt's. VY was pretty confident and so was Colt. That made the difference. Case is a gunslinger who the team obviously gets excited about when he comes in if Ash hasn't been playing well. Case can do all the things I mentioned above and then some. Instead of bitching or saying he is here because he is Colt's brother, why not say, he is Colt's brother, maybe we should give him another chance. After all, he gave us the Aggie and Kansas wins. And what has he done this year wrong? I have a hard time finding where he hasn't come in and played better in his three chances than Ash.

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