True Confessions of a Mack Brown Fan

Let me start with a confession. To me, Mack Brown IS Texas Football. I did not attend the University of Texas, a converted Buckeye who headed south. I fell in love with Texas because of the class Mack Brown projected on the program. After writing a bunch of checks to the University to put the rug rats through – I was hooked. Being a fan of perpetual losers as a kid (Browns and Indians) when the Longhorns won the MNC on that magical January night in 2006, Mack Brown became my DKR. He delivered in the clutch, and brought tears of pride to a family that never experienced the utlitmate victory.

My personal opinion is that Mack Brown’s integrity, ethical standards, and impact on the players should let him retire on his terms. But Mack has really become a Rorsach test. He now tells you more about you and your priorities than him. So if you over emphasize the soft side of Mack – you will have him rated higher than the football purists. I absolutely abhor the “Fire Mack Brown” cries. Not so much because they are unfair, but I just hate to see Mack have to go through these times. Because of this – it absolutely pains me to write these facts:

• Since 2010 the Longhorns have not been a national caliber program.

• Since 2010 we have not been in the top 2 teams in Texas.

• Since 2010 we have been a below 500 – bottom rungs Big XII program. Much closer to Iowa State than Oklahoma.

Now it even gets more painful.

• When you have the right guy – it does not take 3 years to turn around a program.

• The Buckeyes went from a 500 team to undefeated in 1 year in Columbus. Sumlin cleaned up Sherman's mess in exactly 1 season.

• Boom and Satan each spent 1 year cleaning up the mess and then went to a national elite program in their second year.

• Spurrier turned the Gamecocks from an absolute joke to top ten program in 2 years. Petrino even shorter time to grease up the Hogs and make them slippery.

• Coach Kelly woke up the echoes, and took the Irish from a decade of incompetence to the doorstep of the MNC. And even more painful:

• If fixing the UT program was easy, it would be done.

• If Mack Brown knew how to fix the UT program – it would be done.

• If the coaching staff was doing their job, they would not lose to TCU.

• If the game planning and preparation was acceptable we would be able to make adjustments and fix things on the go.

• If you are a football first kind of person that thinks it is absolutely necessary to fire Mack Brown to return to national prominence, I would have to agree that logic is on your side.

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