Manny Diaz interviewed for the FIU job Monday

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Following a report from Orangebloods on Monday that the Texas defensive coordinator had made his way to Miami, more news about the situation emerged on Tuesday morning.

So, it appears that the reported trip of Texas Longhorns defensive coordinator Manny Diaz to Miami on Monday actually did go down and that it was not a trip made for pleasure:

Given the pressure on the Miami native right now in Austin, it would hardly be a shock to see him take the job if offered, even if he has to take a pay cut in the process.

Actually, here's the Sun Sentinel providing a little more scuttlebutt on the situation:

Sources told the Sun Sentinel Diaz is Garcia's second choice, but if offered the job, Diaz would accept.

The first choice appears to be former Miami and North Carolina head coach Butch Davis, who has already turned the job down once. There are some serious moving parts here for FIU athletic director Pete Garcia, as well:

Garcia is still working toward a best-case scenario, where Cristobal accepts another job, taking him off the FIU books, and Davis agrees to coach the Panthers, who would offer him a well-below-value contract, possibly as low as $1, leaving North Carolina to pay Davis the difference, and essentially giving FIU a free coach.

At issue is the fact that FIU still owes Cristobal a termination payout that would be negated if or when he takes another job. Davis, on the other hand, is still receiving money from North Carolina as part of his buyout, which would allow FIU to pay him that miniscule contract.

Make sense?

If Davis doesn't end up happening, for whatever reason, the odds seem high based on that report that Diaz would be offered the job and accept it.

What did head coach Mack Brown have to say about it all on Monday during his press conference? Not much, but that's to be expected:

No, except the same thing I've always said. We don't talk about our guys. A lot of our guys get calls and Manny [Diaz] had two calls about head coaching jobs last year. He's already had one other one this year.

That one would be FIU.

If Diaz does take the FIU job, it probably would not impact his status coaching Texas for the Alamo Bowl, so Brown can rest easy there, as he went on complain about coaching leaving before bowl games after providing the above comment.

For Texas fans hoping to get rid of Diaz, the FIU job looks like the last best shot. Just don't expect anything to happen with Diaz and FIU in the next few days as Garcia continues his pursuit of Davis.

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