Term Limits Are A Good Thing

There is a reason there are term limits for the President of the United States. Power engulfs men and their network. In today's world, too long of a tenure becomes a problem. The program lacks freshness. It lacks vigor. It lacks toughness. It lacks hunger. It lacks the killer instinct. I've always wondered what would happen if Texas produced mediocrity for extended periods of time. I think we have our answer. Let's briefly revisit what happened since the 2009 season.

  • Texas loses Colt McCoy early in the game against Alabama.
  • Gilbert has team in position to win the game with 3 minutes left in 4th.
  • Texas loses to Alabama and Mack Brown vows overhaul of offensive platform.
  • Muschamp leaves for FL as he knows that Mack isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Texas descends and FL ascends.
  • Player development declines.
  • 1 horrid and 2 mediocre seasons ensue.
  • aTm leaves for SEC.
  • Aggies go 10-2 in first season in SEC with both losses totaling 8 points.
  • RGIII and Manziel win Heisman.
The above bullet points are not only disheartening, but very telling. The culprit for the free fall Texas finds itself in is the schematic shift. The loss to Alabama literally was the catalyst that set the program back for many years to come. Texas was and still is not built to be a ground and pound team. Mack is being quite stubborn at this point. The spread offense works. Period. Do you think the Aggies miraculously competed in the SEC with a new head coach and OC? You all will recall that Colt was methodically moving the offense down the field when he was injured. Fast forward to Manziel and the Aggies. Bama chased him all over that football field. Florida was his very first game and he accounted for 230 yards and a TD. Not bad. I would imagine if there was an 8 team playoff, the two teams nobody would want a piece of are aTm and Stanford. What I do not understand, is why the sudden shift in offensive philosophy? The spread works. Oregon. Oklahoma. Texas. Baylor. Aggies under Sumlin. Houston under Sumlin. The evidence is clear. Sure, Alabama and Stanford feature more of a pro set than other CFB teams. However, against the Aggies, that was Saban's downfall. He should have turned McCarron loose and beat them over the top. It is where they are most vulnerable. But, Saban was too stubborn and married to his game plan.

Naturally, the one loss in the SEC worked out again for the Tide and they find themselves in position for their third "title" in four years. Now, Bama can ground and pound and further mislead Mack into thinking this is what Texas needs to continue to do. But, then Mack hires Bryan Harsin. Now, we have an offense without an identity. We don't pound the ball. We don't run the spread. We refuse to get the ball into DJ Monroe's hands. The defense goes soft and the tackling. Oh, the tackling. This Texas defense will rank somewhere in the lower 12th of teams. Let that sink in for a moment. I am at a loss for words at this point. I feel like we do not have an identity and the players flat out know it. Ash, McCoy: who is the starter? Really Mack? We cannot name a starter for the Alamo Bowl? Every fan here knows that Ash is the better QB. Why is this such a difficulty for him? I assure you, Oregon State is prepping for Ash because even they know he is better than McCoy. This is no secret.

I am afraid that Texas is entering into a cyclical down time. It happens to all programs. Alabama was simply irrelevant from 1993 to 2007. The Aggies will enjoy the next two years for sure with Manziel at the helm. OU will continue to plunder its way to 10-2 seasons, with almost an assured victory at the Cotton Bowl every year. Florida has enveloped the toughness of Coach Boom. Oregon will continue to display offensive numbers which are mind boggling. Even Oklahoma State is faring better than Texas of late. Gundy has the program moving in the right direction. They easily could have defeated OU each of the past three seasons. The Pokes are giving OU a tougher time than Texas is. Look at the recruiting rankings and the problem is easily identified. Texas needs to get back to recruiting the inner cities. The lack of toughness is clearly evident. Will you get some bad apples? Sure. You will also get some Vince Young's. Man, do we need some VY's.

As long as Mack remains in control, the status quo will be more of the same. The team lacks direction. I have zero faith until wholesale changes are employed. The future is not bright only because the Powers that be are protecting their good ole' boy network consisting of big donors and what they require for said donations. This is going to be a sad next few years for this program as long as Mack remains. If Powers and Dodds fail to act, we will become the next Penn State under Paterno (football only people) and Florida State under Bowden. Each remained too long and set the program back. You are watching this unfold at Texas right now with your very eyes. It's been said that coaching is like heroin. Many will quit, but they all come back. Thus far, Gruden and Jimmy Johnson are the only two coaches I can think of that were able to kick the habit. Mack will stay as long as he wants to and that appears to be until Dodds steps down. I am prepared for more of the same.

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