Why Tyrone Swoopes will never be a full time QB starter at Texas

I’m comparing what he is doing to what VY did against 5A (I also looked at RG3 in HS last night though Copperas Cove is 4A) in a MAJOR competion district for houston and I’m not sold he will develop. VY use to throw for 3000 yards and 30+ touchdowns his Senior and Junior years while doing the whole 2500 yards rushing and 25 touchdown rushing thing too.

I’m glad we got Swoopes, but I think the coaches saw something else and it wasn’t his arm. He can’t spin it- Watch Vince against playoff 5A caliber teams.

The 2a private school around the corner from my 5A High School is where the kids went who were close but stuck behind a starter. By virtue of being 6’4 and QB at 5A I played at Texas State for a year before I realized I sucked. Before me the qb was plucked randomly off the basketball team his Senior Year b/c I was a Soph. One High School Year at QB and 3000 yards later he became a standout tight end at Sam Houston State before spending 5 or so years in the pros with the Browns and Dolphins.

THAT IS 5A. This 2A stuff is not and never should be a way to measure anyone’s skills against competition. Put him through drills with or without 2A guys across from him and it’s all the same- running against air.. Show me a monstrous win loss record, or godly stats, or some spin on his passes. Sloan Thomas scored 3 touchdowns on us and was unstoppable, so was Chance, BJ, and Jefferies. Again- all 5A.

Conditioning programs, facilities, quality of coaching, are huge drop offs too from even 5A to 4A. Our Head coach at Tomball makes 6 figures, stadiums seats 10k plus, it’s just different. If he has a monster year (his coaches have had 2 years with him to align something so he can do more than drop back and out run dbacks who run 4.9-5.2) then he may be who everyone believes he is. I don’t see it and see far more potential in RSJ, especially as a QB.

Last year was his first year and I think (QB's often have the best hands so Tyrone may have shown he has good hands as well in camp last summer- the QB I mentioned who played tight end in the NFL use to catch my hardest passes one handed while talking to pretty girls at practice) everyone will be shocked at how he does as a QB this year. He is 16. I think that while his competition is only 3A, he looks much better, and will end up as the top recruit in our class if not top 5 in the country barring injury this year.

And finally, RSJ played his first year at quarterback and this year will be making leaps and bounds. Passing wise, Tyrone almost seemed to regress from Soph more to Junior year simply because he didn't improve. As coaches are known for saying- "you are either getting better or getting worse".

That said, I am stoked to have Swoopes b/c the chance I am wrong is at least 50% and the chance that we are getting a high character supreme athlete who will help us no matter what (not to mention in the near term with recruiting momentum, headlines, and influencing other top players) on the field. I believe Smythe the tight end- he's not sold on Swoopes or he'd signed. He wants to see something from the other 3 qb's and won't sign until Spring Camp results are looking great or next season as he'll be a late bloomer in terms of going from 4 to 5 stars when he shows up with an extra 10 pounds and dominates more- that I'd bet on.

My main point is: Swoopes is a 4 star and RSJ is a 5 star. Coaches love Swoopes, grabbed him for obvious reasons, and that he is also someone they may have unknown and alternate plans for.

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