Sports Radio.. Who Are You Listening To?

I'm always curious about this. I love when SI releases their announcer ratings and I remember once reading some opinions on national radio hosts, but I'm wondering specific to BON. Who do you listen to, who do you like, who do you barely tolerate but somehow find yourself listening to anyway? My thoughts after the jump.


Locally speaking, I think my favorite overall show is Sean Adams' on 104.9. Even when he isn't talking directly about sports, I find him very insightful and interesting to listen to. I liked Ari when he was on the show but I think Chance Mock has added some very interesting perspective to it as it stands now.

Also I gotta say, I love Rod B on the sports buffet. He is endlessly entertaining and fun to listen to, and even though by that time of day every sports story is a re-hash, he usually adds something to it in my opinion. Bucky and John aren't bad, and I love Craig Way (of course) but there are some obvious conflicts of interest there when it comes to critical analysis. I will also say I used to think the sports buffet was a good deal sharper when AJ Hoffman and Cedric Golden were on the show.

I also like to listen to the Nooner when I do get a chance to catch it, it reminds me a lot of the way I talk about sports with my friends. Casual and usually pretty blunt. I think it's a solid show.

And lastly, the recruiting shows that The Zone runs (sometimes ran during the season?) on week nights are always great listening.


Basically all of the morning shows. I suppose this is symptomatic of morning radio in general, though. But goddammit, Chip Brown, just shut up and talk about something I actually care about, or make a point, or finish a sentence, just something. I'm glad they moved him off of Sean's show in the afternoon. His style fits morning radio perfectly.

The Drive. Dare I say, Chad Hastings is much more the guy I identify with on that show. Somehow Ketch seems like the aggie to me. Can anybody explain this? I find many of their regular segments are gimmicky at best. Occasionally you will find some good content in this show as it seems to be their flagship, but that's more about the time slot than it is the hosts in my opinion.


I rotate between DP and Cowherd in the mornings and loathe myself for putting up with it every day, but there's enough interesting material/guests to keep me coming back.

I have heard that people like the PMS show but for the life of me I cannot get past whichever one of them has The Most Annoying Voice Ever™. Similar thoughts on JT (and (?)) the Brick, Lincoln Kennedy, etc...

Occasionally the weeknight ESPN hosts are alright. Freddie will make good points here and there, but I hate all the garbage you have to sift through to get to it. There is a woman who ends up slotted with very late night slots, maybe on the weekend, who I actually think is pretty solid. She has a distinctive voice, you'll know if you've heard her.

Alright I've said enough. What do you think?

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