A Better, More Detailed Football Prediction

Texas' performance the last two seasons have been average, gathering a 5-7 record in 2010 and an 8-5 record in 2011. Could this be the year the Longhorns return to their former glory? As an avid fan, I think so. The recruits coming into the program the last two years are slowly starting to make the difference, and the experience and progression of QB's David Ash and Case McCoy are a huge help. The 2012 season features a slightly tougher schedule than the last, but here's how I think the Longhorns will do.

  1. Wyoming - The Horns open their season against them at home in Austin. The momentum and hype of the early season jitters will propel David Ash to lead the Longhorns for their first victory of the season, as Wyoming didn't put up much competition in the past for Texas.
  2. New Mexico - This non-conference game was scheduled so the Horns could have a week to lay an easy beating on the Lobos. Although no team should be underestimated in the crazy world of college football, I think the Horns will breeze by the Lobos for an easy win.
  3. Ole Miss - This is the first away game of the season for the Horns, and the Rebels' home turf isn't the easiest place to play. Though, with the momentum they have gained through the previous two wins, and possibly moving up in National Standings, the Longhorns will scrape by with a close win over the Rebels.
  4. Oklahoma State - The first real challenge of the season, I look for this game to be a nail-biter. Now, this game could go either way, Oklahoma State has had a great squad for the past couple years, but with the loss of WR Justin Blackmon's superstar skills, I see the Cowboys struggling next year. The 5th week of the season is when teams start to bond together and start playing good football, and with all the rested up players from the previous bye week I see the Horns coming out on top and starting strong with a 4-0 record.
  5. West Virginia - Now, every team has their surprising opponent that beats them or gives them a run for their money, and I think the Mountaineers are that team for Texas. I see them surprising everyone in their Big 12 debut season and having a great season. I also expect Texas to have a great season, but the high tempo offense of West Virginia will prove to be too much for the Horns and hand them their first loss of the season.
  6. Oklahoma - The Sooners always seem to put up a great fight against the Horns. I expect plain and simple for Oklahoma to play better football and rout the Horns, leaving them with a 4-2 record.
  7. Baylor - After the loss the previous season to the Sooners, the Longhorns will work out all the kinks and mistakes they made last week to come together as a near perfect football team against Baylor. I'm counting on David Ash to have a stellar season for the Horns, so his leadership and talent will lead his squad to a victory over the Bears.
  8. Kansas - Easily enough, the Jayhawks' football team has never been that great, so I'm betting on an easy win for the Horns in Lawrence.
  9. Texas Tech - This will be the upset of the season so far, with the 6-2 Longhorns falling to a weak Texas Tech team. Anything can happen on any Saturday, so I'm saying the Red Raiders will have their night and out-play (maybe with a little luck) defeat the Horns, setting them at 6-3 on the season.
  10. Iowa State - An easy win for Texas I think. If the Horns have the season I think they will have (David Ash leading his team to victory nearly every Saturday), then the Cyclones will stand no chance for the offense controlled by Ash.
  11. Texas Christian (TCU) - Now this is where things start to get interesting. TCU has been evolved into a great football school over the past few years, and I expect them to stay this way. The end of the season signals the national attention coming towards the teams lurking in the BCS Top 25, and I see the Horns standing in the high teens to low twenties during this time. All the pressure of possibly competing for a Big 12 Championship will compel the Horns to conquer the Horned Frogs.
  12. Kansas State - This will be the most exciting game of the season I think for the Longhorns. Kansas State's high power offense always seems to put up high numbers in the scoring department. I expect Texas' offense this year to do the same, so this game is gonna be an old school, no defense, offensive shootout. I see the Horns coming away with a close, but very high, win.

There you have it, I have the Texas Longhorns finishing 9-3 with a possible Big 12 Championship. If they could manage to win that, I'm seeing a great bowl bid even maybe a BCS invite. I guess we will just have to see for ourselves this fall. Follow me on twitter (@Gingertron35) for more updates and opinions concerning the Longhorns and the Big 12.

Hook Em Horns, Trevor Woods

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