Weeden 3-9 for 33 1-Pick, 1 Fumble - Colt hits 6-8 for 88 and scrambles for 20.

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Browns Win First Preseason Game Weeden The Browns Future? I Don’t Think So

Posted by LG on August 10, 2012 at 11:29 pm.

Brandon Weeden SucksThe Browns managed to beat the Detroit Lion 19-17, it wasn’t because of the job Browns 28-year-old rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden did. Pure and simple to sum up Weeden in a word, He Sucked, yes Brandon Weeden looked bad and he Sucked. For the Cleveland Browns and Pat Shurmur to even consider making Weeden the starting Quarterback in Cleveland I would suggest the NFL drug test Shurmur and the Browns front office. Weeden look terrible, he looks like a guy that is going to pee his pants when the defense in getting close to him, he has no pocket presence and he has no calm under pressure. Weeden looked bad and if no one has the balls to speak the truth about this guy shame on them. Weeden threw a lot of incomplete passes, then he threw an interception too. If the Browns think Brandon Weeden is the guy to get it done they are sadly mistaken. Weeden is what you get when you take a 28-year-old guy who had some success in College because he had the beast offensive line in College. Wake up people this guy is not the answer, he isn’t even close to it. When the real season starts look for this guy to get killed or throw a ton of interceptions. Do not let this Browns win blind your focus this win had nothing at all to do with Brandon Weeden.

The Browns then put in Colt McCoy, did he look better than Weeden? Yes he did. Considering McCoy had no first team players in the game and he was able to move the football throwing for 88 yards and almost doubling Mr. Incomplete pass Brandon Weedens average, you’re damn right he looked better. The funny thing is the Brown Sucked tonight. If the team has taken on a new look it may be the Pat Shurmur look. Did you see Shurmur when the game was over? He looked like a guy that didn’t even believe his team won the game. Are you kidding me? This is the guy Mr. Football Guru Mike Holmgren hired to run the Cleveland Browns. It is now wonder the team went 4-12 last year. These guys are all nuts, they couldn’t coach their way out of a paper bag. Once Haslam come to take control of the Cleveland Browns, he will see through this garbage Randy Learner paid a bout load of money to and these guys will be out of here. There is no way this team is going to be able to compete in the NFL North playing the way we saw them tonight.

For those of you who think Brandon Weeden is the next star NFL quarterback, I urge you to take a look at his numbers. The guy went 3 for 9 for 62 yards and 1 interception. The only smart thing Pat Shurmur did tonight was to take this sorry excuse for a quarterback out of the game before he embarrassed himself, Pat Shurmur and the Browns even further. Don’t be stupid Cleveland, the Browns played ugly football with their starters. Sure the Browns won the game, McCoy and Lewis both had almost double the passing average of Weeden and Wallace is the only Browns Quarterback to have a touchdown.

If you think Weeden is the future of the Cleveland, you are sadly mistaken. Sure the guy threw one good pass. The Browns need a guy who can throw a good pass at least 70% of the time not just one of his three completions,Weeden isn’t going to get it done for the Browns. Sorry if you don’t like the honesty people. The Browns sucked and it isn’t going to get any better with Pat Shurmur as the Browns head coach. Think about who they beat tonight. A bunch of guys who won’t even be there come opening day….

The first thing Jimmy Haslam needs to do is bring i a bus and get these sorry asses they call the front office and head coach the hell out of Cleveland. Now I really Think Pat Shurmur is hearing the foot-steps the foot steps of Jimmy Haslam coming down to kick his but out of Berea….

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