Bevo's Roundup: 30 Days To Go


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...
And some other stuff.


Basketball season isn't too far off.

Texas still has the best Big 12 recruiting class. [Dallas Morning News]

The Horns also have the 4th best running attack in the country. [Dallas Morning News]

Mack Brown, the voice of reason, when it comes to players and social media. [Dallas Morning News]

"[University of Texas president] Bill Powers made a really interesting comment to me, if we want them to grow up as students and the students have a right to be on Twitter, why can’t the football players? They need to learn from it. Some of them make mistakes and have to learn from it. We try to monitor it to help them. But we do not tell them what to put on it. If they put something [inappropriate] on it, we tell them to get it off and we tell their parents. We have the right to take it away but we’d rather not. We’d rather them learn how to use it."

Coach Brown is one of the few coaches that make a point to go to the Texas High School Coaches Association’s convention. [BrazosSports]

Will they give us discounted flights? Southwest Airlines is the official airline of The University of Texas athletic department and the Texas Exes. [Market Watch]


The Big 12 competition will be stronger than ever. [NY Times]

Find another league that has ever featured three reigning conference champions like the Big 12 will have this season. It has its own defending champ in Oklahoma State and both newcomers — TCU from the Mountain West and West Virginia from the Big East — are coming off titles.

The conference has had a great QB run the last few years. [CBS Sports]

You may have noticed that about the Big 12. Since 2001, a Big 12 quarterback has finished in the top five of the Heisman voting eight times. Four have won it -- Eric Crouch, Jason White, Sam Bradford and, last season, Baylor's Robert Griffin III.

Half the league's starters this season are on the Davey O'Brien Award watch list. You have a quarterback in this league, you have a chance. That's probably why West Virginia feels extremely comfortable. When the Big 12 offered a more stable home than the shaky Big East, the Mountaineers' administration jumped at it for more simply economic reasons.

Best of luck to Baylor offensive lineman LaQuan McGowan. This is a kid everyone should root for. [Amarillo Globe-News]

The Sooners landed on someone's most overrated list for the last five years. [Poll Speak]

A reporter spent a day with Bob Stoops and lived to tell about it. [Tulsa World]

The Jayhawks are motivted by last season's 2-10 record. [KU Sports]


The Aggies are still looking for a rival. [Bleacher Report]


The season is here! The first completely useless USA TODAY Top 25 Coaches' Poll will be unveiled at noon ET Thursday. [USA Today]

We should expect better leadership from our ADs. [College Sports Business News]

This failure of leadership must be trebled in this case because everyone involved knew that Sandusky was spending his time with The Second Mile and all of its troubled young boys, making PSU complicit in the abuses that subsequently occurred. This was particularly unconscionable.

The reports of the BCS death are greatly exaggerated. [LA Times]

The new "playoff" will not be enacted until the 2014 season. That means two more years of the BCS.

Imagine a surgeon being allowed to practice two years after the AMA barred him for botching amputations.

But, you know, a contract is a contract.

Bowl eligibility will remain at six wins. [CBS Sports]

Who said the SEC does not recruit smart players? [Throw The Flag]

Hunter Long, a Georgia offensive lineman, used Twitter to post a picture of Georgia’s playbook according to

The sleaze just keeps growing in basketball. [CBS Sports]

You might remember, if you've been following the summer circuit for a while, that Vaccaro was once considered the Bogeyman of July. He was the so-called Thing in the Dark -- somebody who, for so many people for so many years, represented everything that was wrong with summer basketball, and the common belief among the common folk was that removing the Godfather of Grassroots Hoops would eliminate most of the issues of this sport.

Were you one of the ones who thought that?

If so, you must feel silly now. Because Vaccaro removed himself from the scene six years ago and ever since has been merely watching from a distance from his home in Monterey, Calif., and yet we still just experienced a July that featured every bad stereotype of summer basketball.

And we should care? [CBS Sports]

Jerry Sandusky is distraught over the NCAA penalties issued to Penn State's football program for the school's handling of his child sexual abuse scandal and maintains his innocence as he awaits sentencing, his defense lawyer said Wednesday.

Good luck with that. Penn State fans want an apology from ESPN. [Deadspin]

And finally...

Bravo. I will never pass up the opportunity to pass along a great Sooner snipe. [Barking Carnival]

It's been a hard week for the Sooners, and not just because the Olympics have math.

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