Harsin: Both Quarterbacks To Play Against Wyoming

Apr 1, 2012; Austin, TX, USA; Texas Longhorns quarterback Case McCoy (6) looks to pass during the second half of the spring game at Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

Separation -- it's been the buzzword all fall surrounding the two Texas Longhorns competing for the starting quarterback position. On Monday evening, co-offensive coordinator dropped some big news in a media availability about how he plans on using sophomore David Ash and junior Case McCoy when the first game comes around:

In other news, I just barfed. All over my keyboard. Thanks, coach.

So, apparently there is not much separation here, according to Harsin, and despite most reports that have Ash taking the majority of the first-team snaps and generally being slightly ahead of McCoy.

This is me editorializing here, but I hate this idea. I hate it. It's the recipe for a quarterback controversy. That happened last year. It was not fun, not even remotely. It was terrible. Playing both quarterbacks for any length of time during the season is a terrible idea. Terrible!

In some sense, as a big and unabashed David Ash fan, it's extremely disappointing that he hasn't seized control of the position, which hasn't happened according to anything that the coaches are saying publicly. Or maybe it just means that the new and improved McCoy is throwing the football better now with his increased strength. Maybe his footwork isn't even dog feces most of the time now. Maybe he could be a serviceable starter.

Thing is, serviceable as upside is not upside at all. It's the definition of mediocrity. I managed not to barf on my keyboard just there, but I did just throw up a little bit in my mouth.

Now, this doesn't even necessarily mean that both quarterbacks will for certain play in the game. It just means that the plan right now is to do that. As Rant Sports writer Marian Hinton pointed out to me on Twitter, however, Harsin made similar statements leading up to the Holiday Bowl, but ended up playing only Ash. Maybe this is all just coach-speak nonsense.

Maybe the ability to avoid turnovers from McCoy has helped keep him in the mix, even as Ash has clearly demonstrated for the better part of a year that that he's capable of doing that as well after making some pretty terrible decisions with the football at times as a true freshman.

Maybe this, maybe that. It doesn't help that Mack Brown seems to achieve the peak of his dissembling abilities whenever he talks about the situation, which is no doubt rubbing off on Harsin as well. Ugh.

There's still time for Ash to separate from McCoy with the final scrimmage looming later this week, which would help avoid a situation that would only continue to splinter the Texas fanbase and leave the Longhorns in the difficult situation of shuffling quarterbacks in and out of the game. A tactic that only never works on any level of football. Barf.

I humbly suggest that you take your play to the next level, Mr. Ash. Like, right now.

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