Who Is The Most Underrated Longhorn?

Texas WR Jaxon Shipley may have stopped being underrated by 'Horns fans when they found out he scored roughly eleventy billion TDs to help Brownwood win state 7on7 in 2010 (Photo by the author).

Earlier Thursday, ESPN Big 12 blogger David Ubben released his list of the most underrated players in the Big 12 entering the 2012 football season. The one Longhorn who made the list? Sophomore wide receiver Jaxon Shipley:

Jaxon Shipley, WR, Texas: Shipley's instincts and great hands are two things you simply can't coach. Now, he'll only get better as a sophomore, and his numbers will balloon if his quarterback improves and Shipley can stay healthy. Even with the revolving door at QB last year and an injury that caused him to miss three games, he finished with 607 yards and three scores on 44 catches.

Fans of the program likely don't underrate the second Shipley to wear the no. 8 at Texas and snag passes, but maybe his injury lowered his profile around the conference and beyond.

Flashback: How awesome was it seeing the quick feet of Shipley send up clots of dirt from his cleats scoring touchdowns in College Station back in 2010?

Shipley7on.mov (via ghostofbigroy)

I was pretty sold on Jordan's little bro before that, but after seeing his performances there, I was all in. In athlete-speak, I was all in and then all in again. Like giving 150% on every play. Shipley probably stopped being underrated by the burnt orange and white cognescenti somewhere around then.

Really, though, the list got me wondering who really is the most underrated Longhorn to Longhorn fans. Since I don't want to dip into the space to rob any thunder from PB and I's annual My Guys post, one player instantly came to mind for me, who wouldn't even be by our criteria anyway -- junior cornerback Carrington Byndom, who seemingly couldn't buy his way onto the All-Big 12 first team. Not with the scholarship money he gets from UT, at least. The type of NFL salary he will soon be collecting? Could probably land a spot. Probably.

I was trying to start a discussion here, but it's likely positing that Byndom is criminally underrated won't exactly elicit much disagreement. Oops. I should have chosen a more trollish answer.

Maybe we could all just talk about how much we love Shipleys?

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