Looking way too far ahead

David vs. Goliath could have been the headlines at the beginning of the year with Ash as the starter. With a few years of ineptitude freshly on the mind, few had Texas plugged in as a true contender in the Big 12.

Goliath wouldn't have been a big enough persona to use in the headline in the case of Case as the starter for the year.

Yet everyone's favorite person to doubt on this squad has come in and done what he does best: Carry on the McCoy swagger when the doubters speak the loudest.

I consider myself to be a pretty big fan, a gleaming optimist of things to come, and yet still a realist. It's that last part of me, the realist part, that is terrified that the Ash in McCoy is about to show it's colors.

Case has unbelievable moxy, unlike David. The kid just carries himself like he simply belongs among the greats (and to his credit he has two of the biggest wins in recent memory). He makes throws that he, and everyone around him, knows that he doesn't have the arm strength/accuracy to consistently make. Some with great results, some that are wildly off the mark and fall harmlessly to the ground, but the third kind, the lame ducks that just hang in the air begging to be taken the other way, are the ones that worry me moving forward. It's the Favreian gunslinger mentality with out the Favre natural abilities to back it up.

The way he carried himself in the OU game was almost perfect. We have the running game to support a game manager at QB that simply does what's needed of him and doesn't try to force throws. With the exception of one errant ball, McCoy did this very well against those guys up north.

With the TCU game came a few of those same flashes. The Marcus Johnson wheel route is a thing of beauty. But, he also left a few hanging balls and tried to force a few throws that weren't needed. Thankfully our defense had a monster game and kept TCU from moving the ball off of the turnovers. [Insert line about TCU's completely inept joke of an offense here.]

So here is where I get to my point, the next two games should be pretty easy wins. Kansas, while they almost beat us last year, is still Kansas and we will be ready this year. WVU is in a bad way right now and Texas should come out to avenge last years game. Both should be Texas wins going away. And both have a rather porous defense. If Case goes into these games with the Favreian mindset and has success, which he could given the defenses we will be facing, I worry that he could carry that same mentality into the next slate of games which will determine the fate of the Big 12 this year.

Tech, OKST and Baylor are all playing great ball and all have a much improved D over the past few years with the ability to create turnovers. However, unlike TCU, they've got the offense to back it up and put points on the board. If Case comes into these games trying to channel the arm strength of the great Colt it could cause problems.

We've got to play the next 2 games the way we will the last few in my opinion. We need the Case of the OU game to lead us the rest of the way. Lean on the run game, check the ball down when needed, and convert a few key third downs. Controlling the TOP over the next few weeks will be key to setting us up for success against the final slate of games.

I know I'm looking way too far ahead here, but it's worth watching over the next two games to see how Case plays and how Major calls the games. Obviously I think Ash is done for the year based on this post, just don't see how you burn the RS of Swoopes if he was coming back.

What say you?

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