Worst case scenario for the a Texas win.

A win for Texas this weekend against the University of Oklahoma accomplishes two things.

1. It revives the Case vs David Ash QB controversy. Remember the Case Mccoy>David Ash arguments right after the A&M win? Just imagine the foolishness that would arise if Case stumbles into a victory against the hated Sooners. There is a segment of the fan base that would call for Case to start the rest of the year. Which is bad...because Case Mccoy has no business starting for a BCS conference school. Case Mccoy playing right now is doing absolutely nothing, not for the present and not for the future. Of course, Mack Brown cannot handle any sort of controversy at the QB position, so a win for Texas could mean Case starting for the rest of the year, regardless of Ash's health. This cannot happen.

2. A win for Texas this weekend means the Mack Brown decision gets unduly cloudy. What we don't need is Mack in a meeting room with the boosters and the new AD....with a win vs OU in his back pocket. A win vs OU this weekend empowers Mack with the boosters and with short-sided fans who can't see that a win this weekend is like temporarily stopping a submarine leak with toilet paper. This cannot happen

Let me clear, I am a Texas fan through and through. My earliest memories of Texas football are James Brown, route 66, and Ricky's run into history and the Heisman. I've always loved this team, and I want what is best for Texas football. I'm not a doom and gloom person either. I held out hope that Mack was going to turn this thing around, that we were gonna be a conference contender this year. But now, we know different. This team will not win the conference. A win vs OU would mean unjustified, hollow hype for a team that we know is going nowhere coached by a man who does not have what it takes anymore. What is best for this program is for this thing to crash and burn. What is best for this program is not Mack Brown celebrating in his post game interview, but Mack Brown resigning post game.

This weekend, I will be a true Longhorn fan, and I will be actively rooting for them to lose. And lose big.

Go Longhorns.



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