Mack makes a goal line stand

Although it’s still being reviewed by officials to see if the clock has run out, it looks like Mack Brown stopped the opposition at the 1" line at Belmont Hall Field. According to opposing head coach Chip Brown (no relation to Mack Brown) and his OC, Wescott Eberts, "we had the horses and momentum to dominate. We’ll have to review the blogs to see what happened."

Using sources rated as 4 and 5 stars by Drivals, the sources simply were not as developed as they should have been according to Carking Barnival, a 0.5 star website whose primary mission appears to be burying Mack Brown Texas Football using a scorched Longhorn policy. It remains unclear how Brown and Eberts missed on 5+ stars McCombs and Jamail, both money when it comes to protecting the red green zone, especially since these two "can’t miss" sources were in their own backyard.

Depending on the official review, the haters will have to ponder their next move -- will they accept Mack and support his program next year or will they continue to use every source they can find, reliable or not, to discredit and subvert the 2014 football season as a means to justify their red zone fail.

According to an old source who protested during the Fred Akers days, "The internet ain’t all it’s cracked up to be. We used bumper stickers in my day and they worked a damn site better than the internet to topple a coaching regime, and we didn’t waste near as much time and got a lot more exercise sticking them on our cars…and everyone else’s."

This just in: A reliable source has told this writer that since coaches Chip Brown and Wescott Eberts missed over and over throughout the season, the vast majority of readers believe they should be downgraded to cub reporters and relegated to covering Longhorn intramural sports while their employers evaluate their future as analysts and Longhorn fans. Clearly, the prevailing sentiment is that they should not get a raise next year and that they are already paid too much for their mediocre records.

A solemn Eberts said, "Why would my readers not support me as I worked tirelessly trying to persuade everyone that Mack Brown should go? After all, it’s all about the posters! Also, I just got promoted to head honcho at BON this year -- please don’t demote me. I don’t want to do anything but write about Mack Brown."

In his most recent comment, Coach Chip Brown stated with tears falling on his notepad, "Uh oh, this is the second time I’ve scooped s**t. Despite what you may think, Wescott and I were not over playing Mack Brown’s coaching issues to develop content for our web sites nor were we encouraging haters to hate! We don’t hate Coach Brown, we love him…and his assistants…and Belmont…and the student athletes…and ALL Longhorn fans. We even love bubble screens and Manny Diaz and hope Manny finds a job in Florida or College Station."

More to come as the situation evolves…

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