Gus Malzahn, Next UT Coach, Part II

No one can throw a hissy fit like YVY. After getting my panties in a wad and declaring "I'm leaving" a few weeks ago (if only Mack would have followed) I have continued to read this blog as well as others to follow the circus over these past few weeks. I noticed some posts popped up about the writing being too negative towards Mack and thought I would throw in my two cents. I've visited the other blogs and have come to the conclusion that when looking for a Longhorn community on the inter-webs, this is the best one.

BON is the place where you can voice your opinion and not be shouted down. Agree, disagree, it all seems welcome here. I never bothered commenting on another blog that is popular simply because it is obvious that this is not the case. Like Mack, we are all human. Mistakes are common as is letting our emotions get the best of us. Questioning each other's credentials and wondering if someone has a degree from UT is understandable when someone says something that seems blasphemous to us. However I submit, we can do better.

Maybe we can agree to disagree? I'm guessing we will have some bumps in the road going forward and I'd like to think we can use the ability to communicate with each other in this way to our advantage. After all, WE ARE TEXAS. Hook'em.

Moving on... I left last time because I made a post about Gus Malzahn and it garnered more attention that I anticipated as well as some backlash I wasn't happy about. I realize now one has to have a little thicker skin when posting or even commenting on a site like this. I realize you may not care, but if you do, here is what I've heard since...

My friend who told me Malzahn was our target and likely next HC the week before the SI article came out has said nothing changed on that front except that Gus wanted an offer before the Iron Bowl and we wouldn't do it. If you go back through the media reports you will see that there was a lot of pressure from Auburn's AD to sign a contract the week following the Iron Bowl. The pressure on Gus escalated exponentially each day of the week from Monday all the way to Friday when he agreed to remain coach at Auburn.

This is not inside dirt, you can hear the sense of urgency in the comments made throughout the week by the Auburn AD. The consensus is he didn't sign yet, however this is not unusual and having agreed to new terms like Saban has often creates the public impression that a coach has signed, ultimately leading to the negative image of being someone who backs out of a contract if the coach accepts another offer. Supposedly Sumlin actually signed his new deal within 24 hours but there are conflicting reports on this.

Usually coaches let the paperwork sit until their season is over and while Sumlin is not a target for Texas, he is the only example I have heard of a coach even possibly signing their new deal yet during the 2013 season.

As far as Saban goes, in my Malzahn post I mentioned that I'd been told his offer was for 7.5 million and I will assume that this was accurate as the reports coming out of Alabama are that his new deal is between 7-7.5 million. Alabama didn't pull these numbers out of a hat. While no one in the administration has talked to Saban, BMDs have talked to his agent. Bama matched. I haven't heard any different than the 5.5 million I posted for the Malzahn offer but my personal opinion is that we will go up to 6 million now that he has become a big name and is going to the NC.

Nothing changed on Saban from the Malzahn post, Mack didn't want us to hire Saban then (he sees him as a friend/equal and was never going to let him follow behind and potentially set the world on fire right behind him) and made that obvious with his pre-preemptive strike in his public comments about Nick being a friend etc., etc. Personally, I am fine with that and don't care. Saban isn't the only coach out there and Mack stepping down wasn't about Saban. It was about losing a step and simply walking away a winner with the program in better shape than he found it so someone could pick the ball up and run with it.

Ultimately, Saban was a long shot and more of a smoke screen to getting Malzahn even if many BMDs started thinking Mack might let us get him before Mack ran out the clock and put up his own smoke screen on Friday. For all the criticism he has received for missing the exact timing, Chip B seems to be getting good info. Or it is possible there is someone sharing the same crap to multiple people. Either way, I heard that Mack was going to drag it out until Saban wasn't available and I shared this last Tuesday with a poster on here who I've kept in touch with. This seems to be what was reported by Chip as being the reason for the rather coincidental timing of announcements Fri/Sat by both Saban and Brown so I think he is a good source and my hats off to him for breaking the story on Mack and Dodds first.

I try not to ask too many questions lest my biggest lender (I buy and fix up houses) start thinking I'm a chatty Cathy on an internet blog. But he is the only person I ever trust for inside info. He mentions Malzahn, the next week there is an article in SI. He assures me all week Mack is gone and that he is just running out the clock on Saban and sure enough, despite my doubts, that is what seems to have ended up happening. I have learned in this circus to not trust anyone else though. I won't be making any predictions. Not after what happened at the Baylor game.

A friend came up to visit us and told us that Saban's wife had bought a bunch of furniture the previous week. He is a fairly quiet guy who I thought would never in a million years make something up. But I think a lot of people are getting in on that act these days because Saban is not coming here, not as long as we want to keep things on good terms with Mack and show him respect. Even still, for a little while, I let myself believe Ms. Terry would soon be busy arranging furniture in her new Austin home.

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