The sad reality that is Texas football... (with a poll)

A long time ago in a Texas football galaxy far, far away...

There was a passion to win, there was a coach who recruited, and there was a football god sent by the heavens named Vincent Paul Young. The coach, mack brown, recruited the best players in the state and received little to no resistance from the nearby rivals. However, he could not win the two games that mattered, the Conference Championship and the Red River Rivalry. Until the arrival of Young, many were ready for Brown to leave or be fired because he simply could not develop those highly touted recruits into star players (Only 9 first round draft picks) and win the games that truly mattered, sometimes also falling to far superior opponents. Young, however, changed the culture. He took Texas to its second conference championship under Brown and it's first NC in 35 years slaying the Trojans of Southern California. After Young, the program slipped a little, good enough to win the conference championship, but not quite good enough to win it all (two years two unfortunate events occurred, the missed interception of Gideon and the injury of Colt McCoy). After two all-time greats left, the lack of preparation and development began to show. First the offense was exposed and Greg Davis was forced out. Then that was "corrected" and the next issue was soon not only the offense, but the defense as well (see Manny Diaz). That brings us to this day. A sad day in the history of the program. Now Texas has been defeat by Baylor... let that sink in... Baylor. You know the team that has won... oh wait they haven't won anything... this is their first conference championship. Texas has now slipped behind Baylor and A&M. They now compete with us for recruits... They now can beat us... All because we have a head coach that is incompetent. A&M and Baylor have less talent but produce more. How can this be? Well, like almost anything else, look to leadership. Yes, We've had injuries. Who hasn't? Last time I looked A&M has 3 QB's on their roster that could easily start over McCoy. That is until we realize Mack Brown is having a love affair with the McCoy family. Mack is refusing to do what is best for the program because Case has more experience. I'm sorry but I don't want an experienced loser. The OU game was a fluke. K-State was finding their identity. Tech is Tech (in Austin), TCU is showing their true colors in a real conference, Iowa State was a blown review, WVU is down and potentially in the same boat as TCU, and OK State/Baylor were the truth of where Texas football is today. A soft, entitled bunch of kids because they reflect the leadership of their coach. When Texas comes knocking now, kids don't see the respected program that was once there, they see it for what it really is under Mack Brown... desperate. That is what we are today... desperate. We were desperate for all of those wins and will continue to be until a coach with a half a brain comes to enforce discipline, toughness, and accountability. The best player should play, yes? Can you look me in the eye and tell me that Case McCoy is a better physical specimen than Tyrone Swoopes? No. Yes, McCoy has experience, we already covered that. But, he's not the guy who is going to win us the game. I am very thankful of what he has done but it is time for Mack to do the right thing and clean up the mess he made and leave the program cleaner than where it was when he came in, because it is damn near that same mess. What needs to be done: Mack announces retirement before bowl game and a search for a high profile candidate begins (it's Texas, we can get someone just like UNC could get any basketball coach they wanted even after the MD wreck), Tyrone starts the bowl game and plays the entire time, new coach is introduced immediately after the Sugar Bowl victory... I mean after bowl season ;).


The sad reality that is Texas football leads me to believe what will happen is...

Mack will not announce retirement

Tyron will not play

We will keep things interesting with a demoralized Oregon team and potentially win

Mack will stay

Ash will start next year

Heard will de-commit

Much of the class will too

Will lose to BYU, KSTATE, OU, Baylor, Tech, OK State, WVU (all teams have shown an upward trend throughout the year, or at least against Texas)

Mack will be fired

Saban will not be hired

Texas hires some guy from some school that no one gives a shit about

This is the reality that has become Texas football

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