Oh, the fun we'll have…Nick Saban rumors!

Andy Lyons

Is any of this true? Who knows. But probably not.

I'm just posting all the stupid, unsubstantiated crap out there until it stops.

Have a link? Send it my way at dimecoverage@gmail.com.

12/10, 2:11PM: Mack isn't going anywhere! [24/7]

12/10, 1:44PM: Mack is stepping done. Wonder if Saban likes the view of DKR from his new office? [Orangebloods]

12/10, 12:08PM: The answer is no, BYU. [Cougar Board]

12/10, 12:06PM: Now they are trolling people at the airport. [College Spun]

12/10, 11:55AM: This article started the national frenzy of Saban talk. [Outkick The Coverage]

12/10, 11:43AM: It is almost a done deal! [Yardbarker]

12/10, 11:22AM: Could Nicky really leave Bama? [Roll Bama Roll]

12/10, 11:09AM: Well, everything is good now! Audrey says it is ok if Nick comes. [@AudreyMiller10]

12/10, 11:05AM: Saban bought Matthew McConaughey's old house! [24/7]

12/10, 10:55AM: Bama Hammer has their own rumor thread going. [Bama Hammer]

12/10, 10:47AM: From the Twittersphrere. [@Texas0205]

12/10, 10:25AM: The Alabama AD is scrambling! [Shaggy Bevo]

12/10, 7:44AM: A flight from Tuscaloosa landed in Austin this morning! [Flightware]

12/9, 9:26PM: An AAS reporter tweets that AD Patterson and Mack had their come to jesus meeting on Sunday. [AAS]

12/9, 4:47PM: Some guy on Twitter has information about Mack's resignation. [Twitter]

12/9, 2:09PM: Forgot Nick Saban. Our next coach is David Shaw! [24/7]

12/9, 12:56PM: On December 6th, Saban agreed to a contract extension. So all this is a moot point? [Bama Hammer]

12/9, 12:44PM: If a BON author said Terry Saban was house hunting, then by damn she was here house hunting! [Bleacher Report]

12/9, 12:35PM: There's no way Saban could be a liar! Just no way. Ask Michigan State LSU fans. [Tide Fans]

12/9, 12:23PM: A former Bama player says Saban is coming! [Horn Sports]

12/9, 12:17PM: If it's on Shaggy Bevo, it must be true. UT is ready to make Nick Satan Saban an offer he can't refuse. [Shaggy Bevo]

12/9, 12:00PM: But is he really????? A recruit said Saban is in Kentucky today visiting. [Kentucky Sports Radio]

12/9, 11:27AM: HE'S HERE!!!! But probably not. A flight from Tuscaloosa to Austin landed at 10:08AM. [Flightware]

12/9, 11:23AM: Mack Brown is a hot coaching commodity, people! If Joe Jamail says it, it must be true. [AAS]

12/9, 11:07AM: The UT Regents will be discussing Bill Powers' employment on Thursday. Does this have anything to do with Mack Brown? Stay tuned... [Texas Tribune]

12/9, 11:02AM: KVET reporting Saban bought a house in Austin! [KVET]

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