10 Memorable Moments from Texas Football that will make you smile.


Happy Valentines Day, Horns fans. I give to you, the gift of good memories.

I am twenty years old. I am a sophomore Advertising major (please hire me) who transferred his way into the school he loves from a tiny coastal college in NC. I know very little about your struggles with Mackovic or McWilliams. I have grown up with one coach and an expectation of winning.

Times are tough now, I understand that. I can handle it. I know we have our doubts about our coach and our program, and these doubts are completely legitimate. But today, let's forget about our struggles and take a stroll down memory lane.

I have compiled a list of the top ten plays over the last ten years. My list probably differs from your list, but I don't care. I selected these plays because I remember exactly where I was when I saw them live, just like some of you older folks remember where you were when you learned about the internet, the moon landing, or JFK's assassination (I'm unaware of BON's target demographic.) So take ten minutes out of your day today, and watch these plays, with the sound on. They will bring a smile to your face, as they did to mine.

10. Jaxon Shipley double pass to Blaine Irby (11/24/11)

I was in the living room of my dad's house in Charlotte, North Carolina. I jumped out of my chair and experienced a feeling of jubilation that I hadn't felt for much of the 2011 season. It was when I knew we were going to win.

9. Quan Cosby's Block on Lendy Holmes (10/11/08)

I was eating a cheddar cheeseburger at Selwyn Pub, the only place in Charlotte we could find that was carrying the game. I had just moved there from Dallas and was super pissed that it was a "regional game." My dad drove me to this bar and we watched the entire game with some UNC fans, who decided that the Red River Rivalry was much more interesting than whatever garbage ACC football game they were watching.

8. Vince Young's 80 yard dash against OSU (10/29/05)

It was my 13th birthday and I was at a halloween party in Tarrytown. I was talking to this cute girl who went to public school out in Westlake and who had a crush on me. I remember I didn't really want to talk to her because she had too much hair on her arms. When I heard the men inside screaming at the TV, I left her to see what was up. That's when I saw the end of this run. VY saved me from awkward thirteen year old romance that night, and that run turned that entire game around and saved our season.

7. Wishbone (11/10/12)

I was sitting in the student section for this one, it gave me chills. RIP DKR.

6. Jordan Shipley Kick Return (10/11/08)

I knocked over two chairs at Selwyn Pub. I've watched this play hundreds of times. It gets me so pumped. I would watch it before my high school football games. It is quite possibly my favorite play of all time. Go to hell, OU.

Let's take a quick commercial break, from the school that makes, hands down, the best advertisements in the country.

I always get chills when I hear Cronkite in a Texas commercial.

5. Quan Cosby's game winner against Ohio State (1/5/09)

I watched this game at my friend's house in Dallas. I remember being so happy for Quan Cosby. It was a great way for his career to end. He was such a great player and person. I would kill to have another Cosby on this Texas team. Quan, if you are reading this, your number is retired in my book.

4. Limas Sweed Catch (9/10/05)

I watched this from the basement of my house in Austin. I shouted so loud that it woke up my infant brothers. It was our first serious step toward the MNC.

3. Justin Tucker's GW Field Goal against A&M (11/24/11)

This Thanksgiving will top all other Thanksgivings for a very long time.

2. Dusty Mangum's GW Field Goal in the Rose Bowl (1/1/2005)

As a young boy living in Houston, this game was the first game where I said a bad word in front of a parent and they excused because, you know, it's football.

1. VY (You should know the date)

Watch this video start to finish. It was ESPN's closing clip in the football "Images of a Decade" video. Craig Way's call gets my adrenaline rushing every time I hear it. When this happened, I ran up and down my dad's apartment in Chicago screaming. Went outside to Lake Michigan to scream. Hook'em Mother F***in Horns.

I want more memories like this. I want this team to be so good that I can make a video where 100 of these exist. So share these clips with friends and family. If you have a young son or daughter, make sure to show this to them and explain how Texas was "good at football" at one point. I am confident and excited that our 2013 football team is going to make us proud.

If I forgot any memorable plays, embed them in the comments.

Also, here are some cool Texas students doing the Harlem Shake

Main Campus


My Fraternity

Have a pleasant day.


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