Ignorant but Passionate Defense of the 2013 Recruiting Class

I used to think that I was a fanatical, informed recruitnik until I realized that I was not going to Friday Night Lights in variaous outposts in the state, nor was I watching any film, and thank God have much better things to do than attending elite camps across the country. So after soul searching - I can now readily admit that I am ignorant on all things recruiting, and simply spew what I read from other so called experts. Still, as resident Mack Brown apologist, this ignorance does not prevent a passionate defense of Mack and Texas Recruiting. First, I can basically summarize the "expert" take by the parahrase below:

When Mack Brown wants your sandwhich, he begs Sally for a freshly made, warm, cookie

Now here is my take and defense of Mack:

1. I do not think the recruiting experts know much anyway. How many times do you read stuff like "Garret Greenlea was the critical get for Texas" or "Garret Gilbert is the next great QB at Texas" and then 2 year laters you hear what a lazy take and Texas has lost their edge. This is said with a straight face, even though any Division I school would have signed these kids and they held offers from like 250 division I schools even though there are not 250 Division schools. Something like over offering from the SEC schools.

2. By all acounts, Texas may have signed the nation's best OL class. If this is true, and this class provides the foundation for a physical, dominating, mauling offensive line - IMHO - it will be a tremendous success and solve the single largest problem in Texas' recent woes.

3. I think Swoopes is a perfect type take for Texas. Lets face it - we are all in on David Ash and their are not 10 Division I QBs that I would prefer to be all in on. I am not saying Swoopes will pay off, because I am ignorant on the issue. But I do think it is the right type of take - supposed high ceiling - raw, put him with Benny and Major ans see if they can score chicks, I mean have success.

4. Texas has had many issues over the past 3 years - but the inability to score highly touted recruiting classes has not been one of them. We have been beaten by Baylor, KSU,OU who routinely bring in classes ranked 25-50. Key issue have been coaching, player development, and having an offensive vision carved in gravel. Who knows, maybe some decommits will light a fire to correct these wrongs. I know this is a stretch as it seems that Manny will escape all accountability, but I'm saying there is chance.

5. From the perspective and Mack Brown - this may be the least consequential recruiting class in history. Here is the simple truth. Texas will put it together and go to a BCS Bowl this year or their will be justified upheaval in the program. If they succeed, the swagger, the recruits will quickly return in time to salvage any shortcomings with this class.

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