A few small forwards to think about.

So hey guys it looks to me like our recruiting in Basketball is over for 2013. I think that gives us two schollies for 2014 and three if Lewis leaves. I would love for us to grab a sleek 3 for next years team. High school wise you can forget it, but has Barnes looked in his own backyard? In the talent rich state of Texas, three of the top small forwards in the nation are still looking for homes for 2013.

1.) Jamal Jones 6'8 200lbs Lee College(Baytown,TX)ranked #3 player with

Here we have a long and athletic shooting guard trapped in a Small forwards body. This kid was a 87 (ESPN rankings) in 2011 for Ole Miss. He averaged 18 points per game, while shooting 34.8% from behind the arc on 132 attempts. He did have a low shooting percentage of 39.8% overall. He was also dismissed from Ole Miss because of an incident where he was caught high from marijuana. I am not condoning this, but if he has learned his lesson, he could be a big get. Right now he is being recruited by Arkansas, Oregon, SD State, TCU, and A&M. We could throw our hat in at the last minute and promise him playing time but he may already be ready to commit. But you at least try for the #3 player in the nation. I am not saying Barnes hasn't already, just that if he hasn't this guy is over in Baytown.

2.) Justin Coleman 6'6 215lbs Midland College(Midland,TX)ranked #11 player with

Justin was the number 50 player coming out of high school with ESPN in 2010 and was rated a 95 overall. He averaged 14.6 ppg and hit 37.7 on three's this last year in JUCO. He started out a commit to Louisville (Rick Patino's Louisville, ya know the national champs. But he failed to qualify in time and ended up with Marshall instead. He was dismissed for conduct detrimental to the team. So he came to Midland to earn another chance at his dreams. The kid has been admirable here in West Texas. His recruitment hasn't even started yet, which is crazy. I watched him play and he is an absolute steal. At least, as much a steal as being the number 11 Juco player can be.

3.) Cameron Forte 6'7 200lbs Howard College(Big Spring,TX)ranked #33 player

C-smooth aka Cameron Forte is another guy I have seen personally in West Texas. Guy was unranked coming out of high school but was signed to Texas Tech in 2011. After his coach was removed he was one of the many red raiders who transferred out. Usually, I would not suggest a former red raider for anything but to bring me my check, however this kid has a very smooth game and will get to the line often. He only took 4 three pointers all year and that kind of worries me a bit. But he did finish third in the country in scoring. He averaged 22.5 ppg and he hit 63% of his shots from the field. He only shot 66.3% from the charity stripe. His recruitment has just recently hit the stratosphere. Guy started out with teams like Coastal Carolina, UTSA, Colorado State, UCSB, Long Beach St., TCU, North Texas, and FIU. But now more teams are tossing their hats in the ring, teams like Georgia, A&M, BYU, and Pitt. I think we can come in and take this guy but he is clearly my third choice.

These are just the top rated small forwards left in Texas, I am not unopposed to getting another guy with Texas ties and a wicked perimeter game. I know I am wishful thinking and Barnes will just run with who he has, but a Horn can dream can't he?

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