Top Texas WR target Kd Cannon visiting Austin

Kd Cannon on a spring visit to Texas - via @IAmTheOne_9

The 'Horns need to make up ground with the Mount Pleasant star.

The Texas Longhorns are about to embark on a busy recruiting weekend as they attempt to get prospects on campus before they register for the UIL state track meet starting Friday, after which point they won't be able to visit with coaches.

But the biggest potential visitor may already be on campus:

The top in-state target with an outstanding offer, Cannon's visit is significant not just because he is stepping foot on campus at Texas for the first time since attending a Junior Day and watching practice, it's significant because the 'Horns have plenty of ground to make up on the two schools thought to be leading for him -- Baylor and Texas Tech.

The problem for the 'Horns is that Cannon wants to play in a high-flying spread offense that features plenty of passing so that he'll have the best opportunity to showcase his skills in his campaign to make it to the NFL.

Right now, the thinking goes that Baylor is in the lead -- seven of the 10 predictions in the 247Sports Crystal Ball feature have Cannon ending up in Waco. He's visited the campus there numerous times, tends to gush about those visits (he didn't end up posting his pictures at Texas on Twitter until days later), wore Baylor shorts to the Dallas NFTC, and was seen wearing Baylor socks at a recent track meet.

Some prospects like to use their sartorial choices to troll fans and recruiting writers, but the guess here is that Cannon wears Baylor gear because he really likes Baylor.

With the burgeoning reputation of Baylor as Wide Receiver U because of their ability to put players at that position in the NFL, it's going to be hard to make sure that he doesn't end up in Waco like Robbie Rhodes.

As for Texas Tech, Cannon seems to be one of those prospects who has gotten caught up at least a little bit in the buzz and excitement surrounding the program since the hire of Kliff Kingsbury. More than that, Cannon seems to consider the Airraid offense that Kingsbury is installing out in Lubbock to be a strong fit, as well. Because it is.

And, as important as this visit is for Texas, the 'Horns won't be able to make a real impact until the fall, when Cannon gets a chance to see whether or not the changes made to the offense will showcase his skills in a way that could get him to drop Baylor and Texas Tech down his list.

Until then, the 'Horns remain a longshot, no matter what happens on this particular visit.

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