Longhorn Aplogist Summons Triumverate (and is Not Aplogizing)

I do not know a lot about coaching evaluations, but when you hear a word like "malaise" used to describe the once proud Longhorn men's athletic program, things are not in good shape. So I am here to fix this thing up. Think Harvey Keitel as a cleaner in Pulp Fiction. Lets call Mack Brown, Rick Barnes, and Auggie on the carpet and take a look at the conversation that should take place.

Augie Garrido

Why Augie is on the carpet

1. This is all a performance play here. Augie followed up an extremely disappointing 2012 campaign that failed to qualify for the CWS playoffs with a mind numbing lone team missing out on the Big XII tournament. The only upside, this won't get worse than this.

2. Hitting, hitting, hitting. No offense, fire hitting coach, no offense, rinse and repeat.

Competitive Environment that impacts expectation

1. Texas is a clear leader of tradition, excellence, facilities, and fan support in the Big XII conference.

2. The Texas fan base clearly values the baseball program more than the other schools. Very few impediments for a good leader to have and maintain a significant competitive advantage in the Big XII.

3. Therefore it is reasonable to have an expectation of conference dominance, frequent trips to the CWS, with a significant shot to add a national title on a once a decade basis or so pace.

Extenuating Circumstances that affect his performance

1. Not many, but baseball is a difficult sport to recruit. The best bats may not be able to hit a college level breaking ball.

2. The baseball draft is much more disconcerting to your program than the NFL counterpart.

3. "Turnaroundability": Should be quick. No - has to be quick, as a good program has to plan on their studs enjoying only 2 years on campus. One good to great recruiting class saves all. 2-3 really good pitchers can easily = a nice CWS run. And Texas is teeming with HS talent.

The Talk

Bring in Trump.

"Augie you stubbed your toe and we stuck by you. Not only did you not improve, you took a step backwards. This would be like Mack following up his 5-7 debacle by going 4-8. Auggie you're fiurd!"
Why Rick is on the carpet

Competitive Environment that impacts his expectation

1. Texas is not a clear leader in this arena. Excitement of fan base not there, facilities not top notch. Not only are we not the Joneses, we don't even know the Joneses.

2. The Kansas Jayhawks are the clear and dominant leader of the Big XII. The setting, the fan base, the tradition make it difficult if not impossible for Rick to consistently win head to head recruiting battles.

3. The proximity factor for basketball talent is not as valued in basketball as other sports. The blue chip talent in Houston and Dallas are not more likely to attend Texas than true basketball powers. While you can pin some of this on Rick, the We're Texas argument is not the advantage for Rick as it is for Mack or Augie.

4. Running a clean, ethical program (which I value as must have requirement) is difficult. The sleaze factor associated with AAU program presents a significant challenge.

5. The expectation should be as follows. A consistent 2nd to 5th place finish, making it to the NCAA tournament routinely. Getting at least 1 win in the majority of your NCAA excursions. An occasional Big XII title and/or a significant tourney run. It should be noted that until 2010 - Rick Barnes clearly met and exceeded this expectation.

Extenuating Circumstances that affect his assessment

1. When you think of the expectation here, think OU,OSU, KSU. Rick should be able to compete with these programs, and has fallen behind these benchmarks. They should have a leg up on Baylor due to some black eyes associated with that program, and the relative unattractiveness of the campus environment. Rick has let these guys stay in front of him for a few years now.

2. There has been an exodus of recruits and Rick's coaching style often draws ire for being draconian.

3. "Turnaroundability": Can be quick. You get a blue chip talent like (KD, TJ, or DJ (maybe we should only recruit guys known by initials) and presto you are good. But Rick is at a disadvantage for those guys.

The Talk

I don't get what you are doing, but lets be honest. You control your talent acquisition, but do not seem to be able to develop a team chemistry. Most of your teams do not shoot well, and other programs do not really have this problem consistently. I am going to stand by you on the transfer exodus, so here is what I am going to do. I expect you to craft a clear vision of what you want out of every position, then clearly understands how every recruit fits that vision. I want you to know what a "Rick Barnes" kid is, and then recruit those kids. You have to qualify for the NCAA tourney next year or you are gone. In addition, you have to increase the "watchability" of the product - and I can't clarify that term other than to say it is the opposite of what you have now.
Why Mack is on the carpet

Mack is a little different, after bottoming out, he has improved 2 consecutive years. While maybe not as fast as we want, he has been able to get the ship turning around. Augie and Rick are still dropping.

Still Mack has been guilty of 4 sins:

1. Mack has not provided a concise vision of what Texas football is. Changing offensive and defensive concepts like they are boxer or brief kind of decisions. Therefore, recruiting has suffered because kids do not know what the flavor of the day is, and the coaches often recruit for 1 system and end up with another.

2. Mack has FUBAR'd the QB position. More than just a miss on GG - heck anyone would've signed that kid. But the handling of GG, the agonizing Ash vs. McCoy stuff, the miss on RGIII and Johnny - my head hurts.

3. Mack had sworn off "over loyalty" to coaches and admits he let things go stale. This just in, when you make like $6 million per year it is your job to make sure things don't go stale. I am really concerned the lesson is not totally learned, as I just hope Manny doesn't cost the Horns dearly this season.

4. Mack has embarrassed the team with 3 consecutive losses to OU. The losses showed a team without preparation, and without fight.

Competitive Environment that impacts his expectation

1. Texas facilities and brand recognition are at the top of the Big XII, but will probably always be on a relatively even keel with OU.

2. Despite the Big XII being a rather low profile conference, home to some of the best offensive coaching in the country. OSU, Baylor, KSU, WVU, TT are now and will be a threat to upset the apple cart at all times.

3. The SEC is the 900lb Gorilla in College football, and they will continue to push cheating and sleaze to new levels, and the SEC is now clearly in Texas' backyard.

4. With so much alignment of the football team with the University, maintaining a classy image above this SEC fray is expected.

5. So lets set the expectation for any Texas coach as follows. A 30% Big XII title success rate, consistent top 10 finishes, and regular appearances in BCS bowls. An occasional appearance as SEC fodder in the MNC.

Extenuating Circumstances that affect his assessment

1. Mack is an excellent "face of the program" whose behavior and conduct is a credit to the University. He maintains a rapport and supports ex-players. For example, his efforts with VY are commendable, and there may not be a better CEO face of the program coach in the country.

2. "Turnaroundability": Difficult. You lose the talent in the upperclassmen and you have what we have. You replace with frosh and then watch 22-23 year old men smash your 18 year olds.

The Talk

"Mack, we go way back. I am a huge fan and eternally grateful for what you have done for us. Remember when VY scored that TD - man I loved that. Still, support me and if do not go 3 for 3 on these benchmarks, step down and lets work on getting you a statue outside the stadium. You just gotta : Beat OU. At least share the Big XII. Finish in the top 10 in the nation. 3 for 3 Mack

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