NCAA Track and Field Championships

Longhorn, Ryan Crouser is the new NCAA shot put champion. Out of his 6 attempts he fouled 5 of them, only recording one legal mark. However, that mark, 66 feet 7.5 inches, was just good enough to sneak off with the title by a measly 1.5 inches.

1 (1) Ryan Crouser
TEX (9)
(66-7¾ )
F (F) F (F) 20.31 (66-7¾ ) F (F) F (F) F (F)
2 (1) Jordan Clarke
AZST (4)
(66-6½ )
19.25 (63-2 ) 20.28 (66-6½ ) 20.07 (65-10¼ ) 19.21 (63-¼ ) 20.11 (65-11¾ ) 20.07 (65-10¼ )

I have never seen a shot putter foul that many times. The shot put isn't like the long jump (where jumpers try and get as close to the board as possible to maximize their distance from it); All you just have to do is keep your body (all be it massive body for most of these guys) in a 7 foot diameter circle while throwing the shot. OK, that's a lot easier said than done; it actually requires a lot of grace (but probably not that much more than is required from a good NFL offensive lineman). If he had fouled on his third attempt, he wouldn't have even been able to continue in the competition, and would have finished dead last. Very nerve racking sequence of throws there, but congratulations Ryan, nonetheless.

Through the first day of the decathlon Texas has two major contenders. Johannes Hock set some huge lifetime bests in his last few events of the day. He is truly big dude for a decathlete too, so obviously he had one of the better throws in the shot put. However, not very many 220+ pound men (height 6'2) can carry their body over a full 400m track in 49.8 seconds on a hot humid day, after competing in 4 other events (For comparison that's about what Sanya Richards Ross runs fresh in perfect conditions weighing in at only 135lbs). Usually decathletes have the most chiseled bodies of pretty much any athlete. You have to be strong for the throwing events, but you also have to be able to run the metric mile at the end of 9 events in at worst 5 minute or so mile pace, sprint 100m in nearly 10 seconds, jump high, and be able to quickly clear those hurdles as well. Except for the shotput, and maybe the discus, pretty much the only thing all the events in the decathlon have in common is that fat doesn't work in your favor. Just google image UT grad Trey Hardee for an example of the type of bodies decathletes tend to have...yikes! Hock has room for improvement there, just saying, but that makes his marks in the running and jumping events all that more impressive. And the good news is, he's a freshman!

  1 Jeremy Taiwo   4389  Washington  SR                                  
  2 Curtis Beach     4383  Duke   JR                               
  3 Johannes Hock  4224  Texas  FR                        
  4 Romain Martin   4206  Texas-Arlington  SR     
  5 Isaac Murphy     4201 Texas  SR                                 

Other longhorn highlights from day one of the NCAA out door track and field championships included UT qualifying for the finals in the women's 4x100m relay (7th), the womens 400m dash (Courtney Okolo), and the women's 400 hurdles (Danielle Dowie).

The final two days of the NCAA track and field championships (the glamour events) will be broadcast on ESPNU this weekend, so check your local listings. Unfortunately Goodwin is not competing for this year's long jump title, but there are several Texas athletes still to watch. I'll try and give some updates as they come, in the comments section of this post.

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