More Lists! Big 12 as the Walking Dead

I have seen many of these lists, but none comparing my favorite conference of misfits to The Walking Dead. Golden opportunity for brief internet fame... you are mine!

Without further ado here are the Big 12 schools and our old rejects as Walking Dead characters:

1) Rick Grimes: Texas - No brainer here. As much as the rest of the group/conference gets annoyed or downright rebellious, Texas is the leader of this thing. And like Rick, we were knocked on our collective asses by 2010/the death of a wife but are now ready to reassert ourselves as the compass guiding this group.

2) Daryl: OU - There is tension between Rick and Daryl on how to do things on occassion, but when it comes down to it, Daryl will support Rick for the good of the group/conference. And as much as Texas hates to admit it, with their wealth of titles, the Sooners, until anyone else can consistently beat them, are the conference's resident badass at killing walkers/winning games.

3) Shane: Nebraska - In the Big 8 days Nebraska ran the show like Shane ran things before Rick's arrival. Immediately there was tension between the 2 even if under the surface that eventually spilled into open conflict. Shane ultimately dies/exits the conference.

4) Carl Grimes: Texas Tech - Like Carl is attached to Rick and going nowhere without him, Texas Tech is attached to Texas and going nowhere without them. Carl/Tech's new coach are both young and learning and maturing through time. Carl has become an effective part of the group; with Kingsbury at the helm, Tech may do the same. Also, gave Nebraska their biggest home ass-whoopin' in history; Carl put the final bullet in Shane.

5) Hershel Green: Baylor - The most religious character in the show. He was pretty low key and became unservicable for a while until he recovered his mental capacity/football ability and is also now an effective member. Plus last name = school colors.

6) Glenn: Oklahoma State - Glenn was quiet early on but has recently begun asserting himself with the backing of a hot female partner more and more through the series as Okie State was pretty quiet in the conference's early years, but now thanks to an infusion of money has been increasingly powerful within the conference. Bonus point: Maggie Green, last name = color of Okie State's money.

7) Tyreece: TCU - Tried to join the group earlier, but Rick/Texas freaked out on him. Proved his worth and he and his wife have now been accepted. Don't know how he will contribute in the future... like the frogs.

8) Andrea: Mizzou - Got reeeeaaalllly annoying really quickly. Spoke at length with Shane/Nebraska about needing to leave the group and probably only quickened his demise. Ultimately died/left the conference.

9) Morgan: Kansas - His appearance in the show was as brief as Kansas's football relevance. And like Morgan, Kansas is playing by a different game these days. Hello basketball season!

10) Carol: Iowa State - Has been pretty weak willed throughout most of the series, but is lately gaining some confidence/bowl-eligible seasons and becoming a more stout member of the group.

11) T-Dog: Colorado - Lovable character overall; never threatening. Had some relevance early on but his role declined over time, much like CU's football program. Ultimately died/left the conference.

12) Michonne: K State - In a world where most prefer guns (spread offenses) Michonne prefers her sword (powerful run game). She literally brings a knife to a gun fight. And like K State, she does it well.

13) Sasha: West Virginia - Tyreese's wife. Came in with him/TCU into the group. She hasn't shown much (first year struggles Mountaineers?) but may prove more valuble in the future.

14) Merle: Texas A&M - First and foremost it's the general annoyingness/redneck rube that really gets this the nod. He was always a pain in Rick's/UT's side. Powerful force in the first bit of season 1/early years of the conference. Nonexistent for a long time. Returns in Season 3 working for Woodbury/the SEC. Ultimately died/left the conference.

There you have it. Another list to waste offseason time.

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