Big 12 Media Days: Mack Brown sticks to talking points


Media Days, where coaches perfect the art of talking without saying anything.

At some point around the end of spring practice, Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown ceased to have anything new to say about his football team. It's probably not even really his fault, as much as he likes to stick closely to a handful of talking points that now sound so common that the brain simply turns off -- the only real talking that he and his team can do is on the field and those all-important sound bites are still weeks away.

So Brown took the stage in Dallas and answered many of the same questions he's answered throughout the spring and summer, walking through the same tired responses. Junior quarterback David Ash is more confident and more experienced. The offense is the same, except that it isn't. He wants to run more plays, which will benefit the defense. Texas will still be balanced, which it wasn't with those Colt McCoy teams. Obligatory reference to his still-lingering PTSD from the Alabama game.

Brown even managed to scold a reporter and demean their ability to comprehend what he's saying, a classic talking point from his press conferences in Austin. At that point, he simply should have dropped the mic and left the stage, having accomplished all of his objectives for the day.

How boring were Brown's answers? Boring enough that the Big 12 website mistakenly posted the transcript from Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops' press conference instead of linking to Brown's answers. They could have merely substituted any of his recent press conferences. It's all the same thing.

In what approximated newsiness, Brown was asked about being ranked No. 4 nationally by Phil Steele and being ranked No. 4 in the Big 12 by the media. Brown said he didn't know if Steele has any merit, but he likes that ranking better. See, a real stretch here to find anything.

The little victory was that Brown managed to avoid saying that he's scared to death of anything at the moment, but he also wasn't asked about mediocre Iowa State quarterbacks, which seem to be one of his primary nightmares. Bret Meyer! Steele Jantz! Sam Richardson! Brown has said that he's scared to death of all three.

And so the offseason lurches slowly along, like an old man with his walker, and we wait. Wait for answers that Brown simply doesn't have yet.

Only the season will tell.

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