Mack Brown for UT Athletic Director

I have been a UT sports fan since I was a little boy and am as frustrated with the current state of our football team as anyone out there. But let’s face facts:

1) Mack has brought great success and stability during his tenure to the UT Football program in specific (notwithstanding the past few years) and the University in general. But as much as I am a fan of his, it is time for him to move on.

2) Because of the financial success of the football program (that Mack has greatly aided), unless there is a losing season this year, DeLoss Dodds won’t be firing him.

3) If he is not fired, his hubris may have him consider yet another year of coaching (to try and get it on track before he retires) and the fan base having to endure yet another embarrassing year of lackluster performance of doing less with more.

But what if there was a plan that allowed for a smooth(ish) transition for Mack out of the head coaching role – one that even he could subscribe to – where he was celebrated for all of the good that he has done while quietly recognizing that the game may have passed him by?

Mack is indeed a good CEO of UT Football and one hell of a politician. And frankly, Texas football is one of the few programs in the nation that actually needs one. He handles the money men, university personnel, alumni, student body, government officials, and the Longhorn (and his own) brand very well. And whether you ultimately agree with the players he has recruited, one cannot argue that he has regularly secured highly coveted talent over the years. So while most would state that we now need a true head football coach and not a CEO, let’s not be short-sighted: Mack has a highly valued skill set, experience, and relationships that need to stay within the family and as of today he is not desirous of vacating the head coaching position.

One of the main issues preventing Mack from letting go and allowing for a new head coach is that he has one heck has an ego (like all of us) and wants his tenure to end as a winner – sure, who wouldn’t. Hopefully the ship can be righted enough this year such that we eke out a passable season and he can move on. But that would still be seen as a move in disgrace and he may in his heart believe that if he had "just one more year" that he could bring us back to the 2005 days. I would rather dissuade him from that way of thinking with a solid, face-saving move for him to relinquish the role of Head Coach. If he were offered the position of AD, while we would all know that he was leaving the coaching ranks effectively for cause, it would allow him to save some face and be willing to move on. And IMHO, I think he would be an excellent AD and would really cherish the position and continue to do great things for the University. Obviously we could not put him in full charge of selecting the next head coach, but a solid vetting team could be put together for that process.

I mean come on, we all loved this man for over a decade. And for those of you who remember the McWilliams and Mackovic eras, just think what Mack has brought to our beloved football program. Help him find a way out with dignity while maintaining all of the great things that he still can do within the UT family.

And in case you are saying he is too old for any AD role and should just retire with his millions: Mack is 62, DeLoss Dodds is 74.

Mack Brown for UT AD. What do you think?

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