Drinking Game With Over/Unders!

After the drudging at BYU and the continued failure of our defense, I took it upon myself to create a drinking game to ease the pain of another likely loss. The beauty of this game is that it lets you laugh at Case McCoy and our sorry defense before they disappoint you. The drinking game consisted of 8 categories of over/unders. For each category, one person sets the number while the other chooses over/under. For example, one category (#6) was rush yards given up by our defense. I (Aadi) set the number at 250 yards. For any ordinary defense, this is unimaginably high, but for our sieve-like defense, it's pretty much an underestimate. Still, Shawn's faith in Gerg and our players trumped his logic and he picked the under. One of us took the even numbered categories and the other took the odds. Players take a shot for each category they lose or the other wins.

The categories were (categories I won are bolded):

1. Total Ole Miss offensive yards - 550 yards. Aadi - over.

2. Rush yards by Bo Wallace - 150 yards. Shawn - under.

3. # of times Case is sacked - 2.5 sacks. Aadi - under.

4. # of interceptions thrown by Case - 2.5 picks. Shawn - over.

5. Time of game when Swoopes is subbed in - halftime. Aadi - over.

6. Total rush yards given up - 250 yards. Shawn - under.

7. Points against - 38.5 points. Aadi - over.

8. Total McCoy-Shipley targets - 8.5 targets. Shawn - over.

At the end of the game, I took the crown with a 5-3 victory. While I correctly assumed we still couldn't stop the option, I overestimated Wallace's contribution. I successfully gambled that Happy Feet would avoid being sacked more than 2 times and, at the worst, would make it to halftime before the coaches considered subbing in Swoopes. However, Shawn nailed the number of McCoy-Shipley targets. I'm still in disbelief that I underestimated that stat.

Given the sorry state of Texas football and the high probability that this tailspin continues, we must seek solace in the fact that we're so terrible it's funny. Don't get me wrong - I still hope for a victory. But it's easier to laugh at the losses when you correctly gamble that your defense will give up more than 250 yards on the ground to the same read-option plays they've seen the past 2 weeks. If you weren't already drunk by the 3rd quarter, here's a great way to push you over the edge. You'll need it for K-State's read-option.

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