Checking in with some future Longhorns? An update on No Excuses University

Trisha Glaub

Trisha Glaub sends along her thanks in her first update of the school year.

Back in July, we asked you, our readers, for donations for Trisha Glaub's Kindergarten class in Aurora, Indiana. Trisha's school participates in a program called "No Excuses University," which aims to both motivate and prepare students to attend college from the moment that they start their elementary education.

In Trisha's school, each classroom adopts a university to help create a sense of excitement about learning, college, and the future. Trisha wisely picked The University of Texas, and decided that she wanted to decorate her class with University of Texas posters, banners, and flags.

And then she wisely asked for help. Your help. And boy did you ever deliver.

Last July, we asked you for donations. Within less than 24 hours, you donated every item on Trisha's wish list. It was wonderful. I also wasn't the least bit surprised. I know just how generous all of you are.

Now that she is settled in with her class, Trisha wants to say thanks.

Hi Burnt Orange Nation! In July, I wrote to you in hopes of getting donations for my kindergarten classroom. I received all the donations and they are now being put to good use! Over the summer, it was like Christmas going to school because I always had new deliveries! You exceeded all of my expectations and I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for my students and me. I have such a sweet group of students who are so deserving of having all these wonderful items to fill their classroom. By purchasing items for my classroom, you showed your belief in my students and all that they can be. I wish I knew the names of all the people who purchased the items for my classroom, because I would love to thank each of you individually. The world needs more people like you in it!

My students absolutely love all things University of Texas. I have students who come to school and tell me they watched the Longhorns football game over the weekend. [Ed: Hope they skipped the BYU game.] I also had a student who said he saw a person with a University of Texas shirt and said, "Hey! I go there too!" While they may not understand everything about college yet, I love watching their excitement and enthusiasm for The University of Texas.


Many of your donations went to decorating my bulletin boards or are displayed around the classroom. Bevo writes us messages each day on our easel. He usually asks us questions about something we are learning about and then we answer back. The candy jar holds our "brain food." We get one piece of brain food (skittles or m&m's) before or after learning something new and challenging! We sit on our Texas Longhorns carpet each day during morning meeting and story time. I have some students who get so upset (seriously, in tears) if they can't fit on the rug. Needless to say, we sit pretty close together so no one feels left out!


I know without a doubt that I made the right choice in selecting The University of Texas. You all are amazing! Thank you for believing in my students, my school, and me!


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