Peter Bean

BON Co-Founder & SBN College League Manager


Morning Coffee


There's a lot of ground to cover this morning, so apologies in advance for the length of the notes. . .We really need to start with The Great Debate. Billyzane's "introduction" to the topic has...


Longhorn Sportsline Tonight

MMHorns and I are headed to Pluckers tonight to listen to Rick Barnes' Longhorn Sportsline show, eat some wings, and drink some beers.If you're in the area and want to join us, shoot me an email or...

Looking Ahead To The Big 12 Tourney


It's amazing what you can do with your computer these days. . . Mix in MS Paint with some information from the internet and basic mathematics and you can create the Big 12 Tournament bracket. T...

Texas Basketball Report


The Texas Basketball Reports more or less write themselves when the team struggles through one or both of its games in a given week. It's less clear what to discuss when the team puts together a...

Introduction to the Great Debate: Part Two - A Playoff Proposal


Welcome back to the Great Debate and Part Two of Billyzane's introduction to the issues at stake. If you missed Part One yesterday, be sure to read that as background, and take time to read through...

Morning Coffee


I really do love the community on this site. There are three riveting conversations going on right now that I'm inclined to comment on.First, we've got The Great Debate, which has produced some...

Introduction to the Great Debate: Part One


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Great Debate. As the momentum for a college football end-of-season playoff continues to build, it behooves all of us to ask whether it would be, in fact, a good...

Morning Coffee


And suddenly, the Big 12 standings are getting interesting. . . Let's start with the big one in College Station, where Texas Tech upset Texas A&M 77-75 on a jumper by Jarius Jackson at the buzzer....

Prelude To The Debate: College Football Playoffs


This is part one of a series of essays on college football and the question of a playoff system to crown the national champion. The next set of essays will be a long analysis from reader Billyzane,...

Morning Coffee


Let's start with the good stuff: Texas demolished Oklahoma State 83-54 last night, Rick Barnes became UT's all-time winningest basketball coach, and the Longhorns moved to 8-3 in the Big 12. Texas...

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