Peter Bean

BON Co-Founder & SBN College League Manager


This Ought To Wake You Up

Awfully quiet around these parts today... are we all quietly mourning the official end to football season for nine months?Maybe so.I was wondering what kind of story might get the reader juices...

12 Steps To Getting Through The Offseason


It's February, which means the tremors have begun and we're all starting to dread the onset of Longhorn Football Fan Purgatory. As is annual tradition, 54b is here to save us with 12 steps to...

Mid-Season Big 12 Award Review


We're halfway through the conference season, which means it's time to do some speculative award mania. Lots can change between now and then, but let's take a look at Who's Who among the Big 12 this...

Morning Coffee


On Friday, I wondered whether Texas had an AJ Abrams problem. I concluded that his benefits he provided on offense outweighed his limitations, but may have spoken a day too soon. Abrams was...

Christian Scott Commits To Horns!


Mack sealed the deal...With LSU, Oklahoma and Texas A&M all making big pushes in the final week, it was Mack Brown who sealed the deal with the safety prospect from Dallas. Along with Ben Wells and...

Super Sunday Open Thread: NFL Finale & Christian Scott


It now looks like today will mark the finale for two seasons this year: the National Football League and the Texas Longhorns recruiting season. Rivals is reporting that the Dallas Skyline star will...

One Step Forward... Another Step Back


I'll let AW handle the full game report, but there was some chatter in the gameday thread about folks wanting a quick reaction from the Drum.Until Kansas State hit that three pointer to go up...


Attention Houston Texans Fans

No, no, I'm not going to berate the organization (again) for passing on Vince Young.No, I come with good news: SB Nation has launched a Houston Texans blog, Battle Red Blog! It looks great so far,...

Texas Baseball Opens Season Today


It's now February, which means the Texas Longhorns baseball team is ready to take the diamond for the first time in 2007. The Longhorns, voted the Big 12's best in the preseason by the conference's...

Does Texas Have An AJ Problem?


Two weeks ago, I laid out the tenets of the Pittman Problem. In this week's Texas Basketball Report, I noted (not for the first time) that AJ Abrams needed to be contained to a specific role in the...

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