Peter Bean

BON Co-Founder & SBN College League Manager



I've banned DV from the site.Five things put me over the edge. Yet another series of posts hijacking a legitimate thread and denigrating the interests of other readers. That's a direct violation of...

Texas Basketball Report

If it's Thursday, it's time for another Texas Basketball Report. Last week's entry focused on what I defined as the Pittman Problem, though I may have chosen the wrong week to bring up the topic.T...

College Football Blog Award: Best ACC Blog

The Blogger Championship Series is underway, and I'm pleased to announce the winner of this year's ACC blog. As up and down as the conference was this football season (did Wake Forest really make...

And The Winner Is. . . YOU!

Well, everyone but Jason Mayer, I suppose.Yes, Burnt Orange Nation was voted as the winner of the "Best Community Award," a recognition that makes me beam with pride. Seriously, there exist...


AW will be along with a game summary shortly.For now, let's all just gather in a circle, join hands, and chant it: "KE-VIN! KE-VIN! KE-VIN!"Great game for KD, and, really, for all the Horns. James,...

Open GameDay Thread: Texas @ Texas Tech

Texas Longhorns (16-5, 5-1) at Texas Tech Red Raiders (15-6, 4-2)Wednesday, January 31, 2007 · 8:00 p.m. CTUnited Spirit Arena (15,098) · Lubbock, Texas Television: ESPN2 Radio: 98.1 FM (Austin) B...

Texas - Texas Tech By The Numbers

Ken Pomeroy's hoops pages are delightfully addictive and instructive. His advanced metrics for college hoops provide insights into teams and games you'd be hard pressed to find at any other site,...

College Football Blog Award: Brady Quinn Award for Best Looking Blog

First, a quick update on the winners so far. Format: Winner / Runner Up Best New  Blog: Fire Mark May / Card ChronicleFunniest Blog: EDSBS / Hey Jenny SlaterBest Mainstream Media Blog: Dan...


Oh, brother

Man, I thought we were done with this crap...Gunslinger's LD emailed me yesterday to alert me to an offensive thread over at College Football Resource.CFR's crime? A craptastic piece of historical...

2006 College Football Blog Awards: Dr. Z Award for Best Analysis

I've thought throughout this process that the Best Analysis Award was among the most interesting and prestigious of the twenty-two awards being presented this year. When Joel announced that the...

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