Conference Realignment

News and analysis on conference realignment.

Don't go west, young man: UT should go southeast


Football is king, and the royalty of college football lie, generally speaking, southeast of Austin - not west. If and when the subject of conference realignment comes up again, UT should consider...

Realignment Q&A, Part 3: How Texas fared


The Texas Longhorns opted to stay put in conference realignment. In the third and final section of Frank the Tank's Q&A, he discusses whether the 'Horns made the right move.

Realignment Q&A, Part 2: Winners and losers


There were a number of winners and losers in conference realignment. In the second part of BON's Q&A with Frank the Tank, the realignment expert breaks down which conference won big and which...

Frank the Tank conference realignment Q&A: Part 1


Conference realignment aficionado Frank the Tank joins BON to talk about why conference realignment has slowed and what it means that schools have granted their rights to their conferences.

ACC GoR removes Big 12 expansion options


With ACC member schools set to turn over their television rights to the conference, it looks like massive realignment in college sports will take some serious time off.

Big 12 likely to pursue alliances, not expansion


The Big 12 athletic directors have concluded their two-day meetings in Dallas and the word is that an alliance with the ACC, and possibly other conferences, is more likely than pillaging the ACC or...

Bowlsby: "We could be proactive" with expansion


The most significant question currently facing the Big 12 conference is whether or not the athletic directors and presidents will decide to expand the league. Here's the latest.

How long can the Big 12 avoid expansion?


The latest round of conference realignment is in full swing, yet the Big 12 is standing idly by. Is that the prudent choice?

Notre Dame Set To Join ACC


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have decided to move to the ACC. But what does that mean for possible Big 12 realignment?

Big 12 Set To Announce 13-Year TV Agreement


The Big 12 will announce a 13-year formal agreement with ABC/ESPN and FOX worth over $20 million per year to conference member institutions. It also includes member grant of rights to the...

Big 12 Expansion: Commissioner Says It's Not Currently An Option


New conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby included some thoughts on conference realignment in his introductory remarks at the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas on Monday. Find out what he said.

The New Big 12 Welcomes Texas Christian and West Virginia


BON welcomes new Big XII members Frogs O' War and The Smoking Musket. Time to renew a friendly rivalry and start a brandy new one.

College Football Playoffs Still Have Unanswered Questions


The new college football playoff format is set, but there are still unanswered questions. Step inside to see what they are.

Big 12 Expansion: "We're Cool At 10" Posturing Begins


At the Big 12 meetings on Wednesday, interim commissioner Chuck Neinas articulated the position of the league on expansion and the proposed playoff format. What did Neinas say?

Big 12 Expansion: Why Texas Is Unlikely To Be Interested


Burnt Orange Nation explains why Texas may not be as interested in Big 12 expansion as many may think.

Big 12 Expansion: Dodds Talks Notre Dame, Need For Expansion


Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds spoke about Big 12 expansion, contact with Notre Dame, and his stance on which teams should make play in the proposed four-team playoff.

This Week In Schadenfreude: Aggies Add Nada


So, one of the ostensible reasons for Texas A&M and Missouri bolting from the Big 12 for the lush green pastures of the SEC was the opportunity to make more money. However, that may not end up...

Bevo's Roundup: The Silly Season Continues


All the Big 12ish Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...And some other stuff. Hitler will not be happy if FSU squanders their shot at the Big 12. All this hype for nothing? [SB...

Welcome To The Superconference Era Of College Football


With the announcement of the Big 12-SEC champions meeting annually in a new bowl game, the superconference era of college football has finally arrived.

Bevo's Daily Roundup: FSU to the Big 12?


All the Big 12-2 Conference news that is and isn't fit to read...And some other stuff. The silly season has started once again. Sunday 7:30PM Never fear...Chip Brown is on the story! [O...

Big 12 Expansion: FSU Move "Inevitable," Per Report


The rumors of Florida State moving to the Big 12 gained steam once again on Sunday with the report that such a move is "inevitable." Of course, that presupposes that the Big 12 is ready to expand...

FSU To The Big 12 Rumors: The Bigger Picture


FSU To The Big 12? A quick analysis.

Texas AD DeLoss Dodds To the Haters: "We're Not A Bully"


Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds gave an interview on Tuesday to help get rid of the notion that the Longhorns are a bully. How did he go about doing that?

West Virginia Officially Invited To Big 12


After an up and down week, the Big 12 finally officially extended an invitation to West Virginia on Friday.

Big 12 Expansion On Hold, West Virginia In Limbo


Only a day after West Virgina's move to the Big 12 looked imminent, the league put plans for expansion on hold.

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