PJ Tucker Alive and Well!

Good to see that PJ is making some noise! Not sure if it happened, but that game had a potential for 50% Big12 players on the court: Durant, Collison, Tucker, and the Morris twins.

Somebody please send a whambulance to Tuscaloosa

Nick Saban himself requested the recent "player safety" rule changes to stymie hurry-up offenses.

Thon Maker - 7'1" KD/KG hybrid!

UT recruiting experts, anyone know if we have a shot at this guy? I read on another forum that he's done some work with John Lucas. With his son Jai being on our staff, I wonder if that could somehow help UT establish a relationship with him. What an incredible talent. A 7'1" center with guard skills. Whatever school that's lucky enough to get him is an instant Final Four contender.

Great article about Rick Barnes on USA Today

Lots of insight on recruiting as well. Heavy AAU influence in Texas and Barnes' insistence on maintaining a clean program seems to be a major reason why we haven't had much success recruiting locally (and psst.. why Baylor is inexplicably getting these talented players) UT admitted not recruiting Forte from OSU was a mistake -- especially considering it could've helped us get Marcus Smart.

Former USC QB Max Wittek is reportedly considering Ohio State and Louisville as possible transfer destinations, in addition to Texas

Wittek is on track to graduate from USC this spring, which would make him eligible to play for another team in 2014. He has two years of eligibility remaining. With the continued development of Braxton Miller, Wittek will probably not get playing time at Ohio State. For that reason, Louisville (which will lose Teddy Bridgewater to the NFL) and Texas are his two most likely destinations.

Connor Wood, CU Buffs junior quarterback, elects to end football career

"Secondly, I want to thank (Texas) coach Mack Brown for giving me a scholarship and the opportunity for me to pursue my dream of playing college football." Seems like a nice kid. Best of luck in the non-football world!

Alabama hired Bo Davis

Seriously... You can't make this stuff up. I wonder if we actually had a deal with Alabama for a trade, and laundering Bo Davis through USC was just a bonus?

From Humble Beginnings...Coach Charlie Rene Strong

Necessary reading for Longhorn fans. Sometimes it truly takes a village...

Great article on Charlie Strong from 2010

"Charlie Strong should be a head coach. He's anxious to be, and he and I have talked about how you get a head coach's job. I know we're going to lose him eventually." -- Then-South Carolina coach Lou Holtz discussing his defensive coordinator with The (Columbia, S.C.) State in December 2001.

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