"Turn Down for Wat"


For smasters88, here is Texas play caller Shawn Watson's awesome late-game outburst on Saturday set to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What." Puns are fun and so is Watson going crazy.

Ho hum, just another Texas DB offer out in Florida


The Longhorns have been blanketing head coach Charlie Strong's former stomping grounds on the recruiting trail with numerous offers out to defensive backs in the Sunshine State over recent days. The latest is to Alabama commit Ronnie Harrison, a consensus four-star safety out of Tallahassee.

Colt McCoy likely starter next week for the Redskins


After replacing an ineffective Kirk Cousins, Texas Ex Colt McCoy led the Redskins to a victory against the Titans on Sunday with an impassive 11-of-12 performance that included a game-winning drive. Now it looks like Cousins has been benched indefinitely and McCoy will start in his place until injured starter Robert Griffin III returns.

This was not such a great idea


All of a sudden, Texas senior wide receiver John Harris is a pretty good football player. Good enough that deciding to cover him one-on-one on the outside with the game hanging in the balance may not work out so well. It did not work out so well for Iowa State.



well looky here... Old man McCoy leads a team to a win. Longhorns fans always knew he had it in him... taking too long for others to believe. Great seeing Orakpo and McCoy together winning again.

Longhorn Nation hearts you, Shawn Watson


The play-calling at the end of the game was masterful for Shawn Watson and he was rather excited about it. No small part of the excitement was surely seeing his young quarterback grow up before the eyes of Texas, too.

Check out how this Texas fan has bought in to Charlie Strong


Charlie Strong has five core values that are shaping his construction of the Texas program and this fan is all about them.

Texas LB Steve Edmond warming up


It looks like the Horns will have their starting linebacker, despite a report during the week that he could miss several games.

Important 2016 visitor will watch Texas-ISU


The Horns were a little bit late to offer consensus five-star Nacogdoches safety Brandon Jones, but will have a chance to make up some lost ground since Jones will be in Austin for the Iowa State game Saturday. The good news, besides the fact the visit is happening? Jones told SB Nation Recruiting in April that he grew up following the Longhorns, though the Aggies are considered the runaway leader for him right now.

Texas WR commit John Burt to visit for ISU game


After taking an official visit to Auburn, the top-rated Longhorns pledge in the 2015 class will make his way to Austin for the Iowa State game. It will be an important trip for the consensus four-star prospect, as he's clearly been wavering a bit with his commitment. The hope is that he'll shut things down for good if the trip goes well.

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