Coaching Change - Defcon Level 2?


There is a lot of Longhorn board infighting taking shape, especially in regard to validation of information. I link to JS @ R:cosm a) it's free, and b) I like his style. There are other sites as well that are following the developments. But not free (I know, cheapskate. Right?). In deference to this site's authorship, I am merely linking to developing storyline that affects our fandom. Not taking sides and not endorsing accuracy. There are those here that are interested in following the saga. This may, or may not, be the place to post comments. Update 12-2-10 10:45 a.m. cst Orangebloods text release: KetchieDaHuttt ===> ""Looks like the hammer is in mid-swing… ——————————————————————————– Multiple sources with extremely strong ties to UT have confirmed this morning that the Longhorns are expected to replace Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis. Although the details of what exactly will happen are still unclear, it appears that a position within the athletic department will be made available to him, although it might not be a position that is currently created. Bottom line – sources at very high levels are saying that the decision has been made. We’ll have more in the coming hours. Update 12-2-10 11:45 a.m. cdt ChipBrownOB on Twitter is reporting Greg Davis will not be retained as the offensive coordinator of the #Texas #Longhorns. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck (h/t silky51)

Qatar > USA


Qatar was selected as the host country for the 2022 World Cup, beating out USA, Korea, Japan and Australia. Russia (surprisingly) will host the 2018 Cup upsetting England and Spain/Portugal.

Texas Elite 11


Nice article featuring several Texas commits. Malcolm Brown says what a factor Major Applewhite was in his recruitment.

Cam Netwon cleared to play


So your dad's actions don't disqualify you. Not sure what to think...if you shopped him to one school, why would you not shop him to another, esp since Cam wanted to go to Miss State? Why would you chose Auburn if there was no major reason not to choose where your son wants to go, MSU? Your thoughts?

Tyrell Higgins has left the team


Just a few months later from earning his scholarship. He was a junior, so he had one more year of football. How this affect to the recruiting?

First 'Coaching Change' Domino Falling?


I would think that if Bohls is posting this it must be pretty darn official. Thoughts?

Batch says it best


I'm not a fan of anything TTU, nor am I a Baron Batch fanboy, but I have to admit, the way he approaches the game/life of football is admirable (also a plus that he can write well). Cheers to him, cheers to all the graduating seniors.

2010 Season in review :)


Just for fun ;) "They say all comedy comes from tragedy"

TCU to Big East?


Great way for them to ensure they get to a BCS Bowl just about every year from now on.

Just in case you didn't know....ESPN


Just in case you didn't know....ESPN

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