File this in "Things I Wish To Unsee." Take it away, Spencer: "Awkward tried to cover this...


File this in "Things I Wish To Unsee." Take it away, Spencer: "Awkward tried to cover this but sprained its ankle in the process of trying to describe it, and will be out of use for at least two weeks. At eleven minutes plus of flashmobbing we really can't use that term. How about "strobe mob meets hostage situation?" That starts to cover it, but as with all atrocities words sort of bounce off of the horror of the thing. Maybe the best response is silence, a quick identification and punishment of those involved, and then asking the relevant gods for forgiveness for what has just happened."

Mack Brown was hospitalized when he passed out watching Garrett Gilbert complete a pass located...


Mack Brown was hospitalized when he passed out watching Garrett Gilbert complete a pass located several yards downfield in spring practice, but avoided injury by falling onto Dan Beebe, Big 12 commissioner and Brown manservant. "I'm happy to be concussed in the name of helping Mr. Brown anytime," said Mr. Beebe, who lives in a spacious shed located behind Brown's house and is at his side 24/7. "A concussion is a small price to pay to be in the company of Coach Brown," who was given a lollipop and a gift certificate to Vince Young's Steakhouse in exchange for his sacrifice."

Spancer Hall, making funnies over at the mothership. Also known as completely made up lessons from spring football. Go. Read. Laugh.

Rivals 250 for 2012


Texas commits 101 - 250: Peter Jinkens (101) Orlando Thomas (119) Connor Brewer (123) Paul Boyette Jr (168) Curtis Riser (244) Total Texas commits in 250= 12 Players of Interest: LaDarell McNeil (107) Channing Ward (120) Javonte Magee (127) Matt Davis (144) - A&M commit Devonte Fields (147) - TCU commit Michael Starts (148) Bralon Addison (155) Jonathan Williams (170) Reginald Davis (214) Trevor Knight (228) - A&M commit

Turgeon to Maryland?


Dallas Morning News, from Fox

Vince Young to the Washington Redskins???


Cowboys better watch out, first Vick and now possibly VY...

Riser Solid at Houston Nike Camp


The offensive line narrative continues to improve at the inside positions with Curtis Riser's solid performance at the Houston Nike Camp this last weekend... Greg Biggins (Director of Recruiting) "Not only was Curtis Riser (DeSoto, Texas) the top offensive lineman in the camp, you can make an argument that he's the best guard we've seen at any Nike camp this year." We like it, now show us the tackles.

Rivals 100 for 2012


5 Star(s) Jonathan Gray 4 Star(s) Cayleb Jones Malcolm Brown Thomas Johnson Camrhon Hughes Hassan Ridgeway Tim Cole Outstanding Texas Offers: Dorial Green-Beckham DJ Humphries John Theus Nelson Agholor Andrus Peat Kennedy Estelle Kendall Sanders* Torshiro Davis* * - offered but committed elsewhere

All is well in Columbus


From Yahoo Sports: (Click on fanshot title for link) "COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)—As part of his punishment for not revealing his knowledge of his players’ NCAA violations, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel will attend a five-day compliance seminar in June in Tampa, Fla. Ohio State spokesman Jim Lynch confirmed Saturday that Tressel would take part in the NCAA-sponsored event June 6-10 at a resort hotel on the waterfront. One of the topics of the compliance seminar—one of two put on by the NCAA this summer—is "Division I Major Infractions." Well, all you negative naysayers have been proven wrong. It seems that the reason Coach Tressel covered up his players' misdeeds and lied repeatedly was that he didn't know it was wrong. After attending this seminar, he will finally know the rules." As an aside, to those who say the NCAA will never come down hard on a program like Ohio State, consider the punishment here. Five days at an oceanfront resort! That should put the fear of God into any other programs tempted to cheat.

Ohio State to Investigate Player Car Purchase Transactions


The Columbus Dispatch, who has been front and center in the evolving Ohio State rules violation investigative effort, has again uncovered an internal tOSU investigation surrounding many numerous purchases of automobiles by tOSU athletes and some family members from two specific car dealers in the Columbus area. While Doug Archie, Assistant Athletic Director and head of tOSU's compliance office, has publicly commented the transactions were reviewed by his office, there are many questions about the transaction amounts as well as the total number of transactions these two dealerships were involved. We have documented in stories posted on BON that tOSU may not in fact be able to deflect lack of institutional control stemming from the Tressel improprieties. The specter of potential additional NCAA rules violation are mounting. What is it they say, "Where there's smoke, there's fire." Stay tuned.

The Roll Bama Roll/Well That's Cool Sunshine Express


SBN's RBR is promoting a cross-country fund raising tour in support of the victims suffering from the aftermath of last weeks devastating natural disaster. If you're in the Dallas area, please drop off a donation to assist those in need and support this effort. Dallas area: Lakeside Church of Christ, 1500 Breckinridge Road, Mansfield, Texas. This through Friday. On the weekend the dropoff will be Prescott Realty, 6060 N. Central Expressway, Dallas. The emphasis of this drive are items that will be needed next week in the storm zone and that sending through the mail isn't really practical. That list includes the following: Tarps/Tents Cots/Air Mattresses Charcoal Cookers (BBQ grills, hibachis) Hammers Adult diapers Pedialight

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