Texas recruiting 2014: 'Horns offer top TE Tyler Luatua

Tyler Luatua at an NFTC event - Student Sports

There's a plan at tight end. It probably won't be effective, but it does qualify as a plan.

About a week ago, I joked on Twitter that I was going to do a Texas Longhorns 2014 tight end recruiting update, promo it, picture it, all that, then just leave it completely blank because there wasn't anything to say because of the fact that it appeared for all intents and purposes that there was absolutely no plan. None.

So, 16 months have passed since the 2014 class began to emerge on the radar and nine months after the Longhorns finally started extending offers, now the Longhorns have finally decided on a plan -- offer the best tight end in the country, La Mirada (Cali.)'s Tyler Luatua.

Now that's a plan that requires the most careful of deliberations! Months and months, clearly. And months. And months. Okay, I'll stop, but I can legitimately keep going here. Aw, hell -- months, months, months, months, and months, precisely.

Of course, since Luatua has been recruited by numerous top national programs, sitting at somewhere around 30 offers, his recruitment is already well advanced. Notably, Luatua has visited Alabama twice in the last two months, which his 247Sports timeline reports were his two most visit recents. In other words, he's going to have to turn down Nick Saban to come to Texas. Like A'Shawn Robinson and Maurice Smith did in 2013! Oh, wait. Sh*t.

So let's keep this real talk going and point out that at this point, the odds of even getting Luatua on campus aren't better than the odds that he commits to Alabama, as expected by current industry projections. Notre Dame is also a contender. And getting him on campus for one visit probably wouldn't be enough to earn a commitment anyway -- recruiting just doesn't work like that for prospects like Luatua who have been recruited by programs like Alabama and Notre Dame for about 16 months or so, give or take a few important months. Which is why schools recruit national prospects for as long as possible.

As for Luatua's measurables and abilities, well he has them. In spades. Sadly, that's about all Texas fans really need to now right now and all they will likely need to know.

It's cute that the staff finally came up with something resembling a plan at the position, but this is a belated Plan A that requires back up Plans B and C and it still isn't any more clear what those might be.

Louisiana prospect Anthony Jones, who had an offer and then didn't and still doesn't, is the only player really on the radar right now after Texas went by Houston Kinkaid and said hi to Mavin Saunders, but didn't even watch him workout. Okay? And then there's Baylor commit Jordan Feuerbacher, who probably wouldn't even flip right now if Texas tried.

My head hurts. I just don't understand. Hopefully Plans B and C (if they exist) are better because the 'Horns will probably need them if they want to land two prospects at a position that needs to add two prospects desperately, though there certainly doesn't feel like there is any desperation does there? Maybe that's just in my head, too, but don't think so.

Maybe Plan B is making Jones wait around until he has answered whatever questions need to get answered to receive his offer, than committing to the Longhorns over the other good offers he has picked up while Texas stalled. That would at least be a good plan -- as long as it works.

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