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Five Longhorns Drafted In First Three Rounds Of 2010 NFL Draft


Five players from the University of Texas were selected in the 2010 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Day 2 Open Thread


Open thread tracking the three Longhorns expected to be taken in the second and third rounds of the NFL draft.

My Scattershooting NFL Draft Thoughts


ElongatedHorn has an excellent draft preview concerning Longhorns here, and I will add on some of my thoughts on the upcoming draft as well, including some discussions on non-UT players.  I will...

2010 NFL Draft: Where Will the Longhorns Land?


The Texas Longhorns send elite players to the NFL as much as any other school. We look at where the former Longhorns may land in the 2010 NFL Draft.

An Argument Against Colt McCoy


Colt McCoy’s stellar collegiate career has him high on the NFL Draft radar, regarded by some as a potential first-round pick. The dual-threat quarterback has four years of starting experience and results against good competition, and possesses the intangibles that will give him a chance to succeed. Faced with the daunting task of replacing Vince Young and defending a national championship as a freshman, the perennial Heisman candidate and 2009 Maxwell Award winner had a career completion percentage of 70.33, just shy of the all-time mark held by Hawaii’s Colt Brennan (70.39 percent). This study, however, analyzed each throws from four games this season (at Oklahoma State, vs. Kansas, at Texas A&M and vs. Nebraska) in an argument against McCoy’s draft status and future in the NFL, exposing his accuracy by an offense heavily aided by short passes. The Texas offense uses safe passes as a substitute for running plays and is notorious for short routes such as quick screens, slants, shovel passes and working underneath against defensive backs. Colt may have the ultimate gunslinger name, but with the following analysis it is easy to see that he will not live up to his name at the next level. Each of McCoy’s throws in the four games were tracked on the basis of excluding yards after catch and recording completion percentage on throws behind the line of scrimmage versus 1-9, 10-19, 20-29, 30-39 and 40+ yards downfield. In this study, McCoy completed 66.67 percent of passes, slightly below the 70.6 percent on the 2009 season. During these games he threw for nine touchdowns and three interceptions, a ratio higher than the 2.25 TD/INT for the season and the 2.48 for his career.

ESPN Reports Jevan Snead Going Pro


After a monster junior campaign where the former Horn completed 54.4% of his passes and had 20 touchdowns against only 20 interceptions, Jevan Snead has decided to enter the NFL Draft. All kidding aside, I always liked Jevan but he really could have used another season in college.

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